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Mais alors dans les appartements plus bas

     1. conj. but, although
     2. interj. an expression of surprise, disbelief, or frustration roughly equivalent to the English (m, en, well), or sometimes m, en, yeah
mais le comte
mais au dîner
     1. adv. then (at that time)
     2. adv. so; hence (as a consequence)
entrant alors
     1. prep. in (inside)
           Il habite dans le quartier le plus riche de Paris.
             He lives in the richest district of Paris.
     2. prep. in, into (from outside, to inside)
           Mettre l'argent dans la poche.
             Put money into one's pocket.
     3. prep. in (within a period of time)
           Je serai prêt dans une heure.
             I'll be ready in one hour.
     4. prep. out of, from
           Il prend le beurre dans le réfrigérateur.
             He takes the butter out of the fridge.
     5. prep. (with respect to time) during
           dans un temps donné - during a given time
     6. n. plural of dan
dans l'après-midi
et la cacha dans sa poche
     1. art. plural of le: the
     2. art. plural of la: the
     3. pron. plural of le: them
     4. pron. plural of la: them
les vainqueurs
les vases du fleuve
     1. n. plural of appartement
          1. n. apartment, flat
     1. adv. more, -er (used to form comparatives of adjectives)
           Ton voisin est plus moche que mon frère
             Your neighbour is uglier than my brother.
           Le tien est beaucoup plus grand que le mien.
             Yours is much bigger than mine.
           Elle est plus belle que sa cousine.
             She is more beautiful than her cousin.
           J'en veux plus
             I want more
           Elles sont toutes plus entêtées les unes que les autres.
             They are each more stubborn than the last.
     2. adv. more, -er (used to form comparatives of adverbs)
           Elle le fait plus rapidement que lui.
             She does it faster than he.
           plus vite !
           trois fois plus grand
             three times bigger
           mille fois plus intelligent
             a thousand times more intelligent
     3. adv. (after a verb) more, -er (indicating a higher degree or quantity)
           Je travaille plus en ce moment.
             I am working more at the moment.
           Je veux faire plus.
             I want to do more.
     4. adv. (before a noun) more (indicating a greater quantity; followed by de)
           Elle a plus de chocolat.
             She has more chocolate.
           Il n'y a plus de travail.
             There is no more work.
           plus de la moitié reste.
             more than half's remaining
     5. adv. more (supplementary, preceded by de)
           Une heure de plus et il sera mort
             One more hour and he will be dead.
           Un kilo de plus, s'il vous plaît
             One more kilo, please
     6. adv. (preceded by a definite article) most, -est (used to form superlatives of adjectives and adverbs)
           la plus grande
             the biggest
           le plus difficile
             the most difficult
     7. adv. (usually with the negative particle ne, see usage notes below) no longer, not ... any more
           Tu n'existes plus - You no longer exist or You do not exist any more
     8. n-m. plus, the symbol +
     9. v. first-person singular past historic of plaire
     10. v. second-person singular past historic of plaire
     11. Participle. (obsolete) masculine plural past participle of plaire
ne tombaient plus
ne s'arrêta plus
     1. adj. low
     2. adj. bass
     3. adv. low
     4. n-m. socks; stockings; feet
     5. n-m. lower end; bottom (of a thing)
     6. n-m. stocking
en bas
tout bas
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