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Lundi dernier, la chance sourit aux enquêteurs

     1. n. Monday
et le lundi
     1. adj. last
     2. adj. latest (most recent)
     3. adj. latter
     1. art. the (definite article).
     2. pron. her, it (direct object).
     3. n-m. (music) la, the note 'A'.
la comtesse
quitta la serrure
     1. n. chance
     2. n. luck
     1. v. third-person singular present indicative of sourire
     2. v. third-person singular past historic of sourire
sourit et déclara d'une voix mourante
sourit comme un homme qui vient de trouver une bonne farce
          1. n. smile
          2. v. to smile
     1. contraction. Contraction of à + les (to the)
imprimait aux lèvres
aux meilleures places
          1. Letter. A with grave accent, a letter used in French mostly to distinguish some homographs and in transliteration.
          2. prep. to (destination)
                Je vais à Paris. - I am going to Paris.
                aller au bout - go to the end / go all the way
          3. prep. to (until)
                Le spectacle sera de 18h à 21h. - The show will be from 6 pm to 9 pm.
          4. prep. on the, to (some directions)
                tournez à gauche ! - turn to the left!
                tournez à droite ! - turn to the right!
                Le vent vire au nord. - The wind turns north.
                L'école est à gauche. - The school is on the left.
          5. prep. at (said of a particular time)
                Je pars à cinq heures - I am leaving at five.
                à dix heures et quart - at quarter past ten
          6. prep. at, in, on (said of a particular place)
                à la maison - at home
                à l'hôtel - at the hotel
                au bar - in the bar
                au bois - in the woods
                J'habite à trois kilomètres d'ici. - I live three kilometers from here.
          7. prep. of (belonging to)
                C'est un ami à moi. - This is a friend of mine.
                Cette voiture est à John. - This is John's car.
                le chien à Marie - Mary's dog nonstandard
          8. prep. till, until (used in farewells)
                Salut, à demain. - Bye, till tomorrow. / Bye, see you tomorrow.
                à plus tard - see you later
          9. prep. (cuisine) cooked in or with
                Steak au poivre - Steak with pepper sauce
          10. prep. Used to make compound nouns to state what something is used for
                moulin à poivre - pepper mill
                sac à dos - backpack
                boite à musique - music box
          11. prep. (before an infinitive) to (used to express something not completed)
                Il y a de nombreuses choses à faire. - There are many things to do.
                Il reste deux tâches à finir. - There are two things left to finish.
                Il y a de la bière à boire. - There's some beer to drink.
                l'équipe à battre - the team to beat
          12. prep. Used to describe a part of something, often translated into English as a compound adjective
                un animal à quatre pattes - a four-legged animal
                une femme au visage pâle - a pale-faced woman
                un homme à longue barbe - a long-bearded man OR a man with a long beard
                une chemise à manches courtes - a short-sleeved shirt
                une maison aux murs de brique - a brick-walled house / a house with brick walls
          13. prep. by
                peu à peu - bit by bit
                minute à minute - minute by minute
                jour à jour - day by day
          14. prep. or, to (used to express an approximate number)
                six à sept personnes - six or seven people
                vingt à trente ans - twenty/thirty years
                tous les cinq à six ans - every five or six years
          15. prep. Used to indicate the recipient of certain phrasal verb.
                mettre le feu à - to set fire to
                clouer le bec à - to shut (someone) up
                donner la chasse à - to give chase to
          16. prep. , translation=Even though hunger and destitution tormented us sometimes, and even almost always, nothing caused us as much torment as being witnesses to the unheard-of cruelties that my master exercis
          17. prep. , chapter=XL
          18. prep. with
                On peut remarquer, à ce propos, que ce n'est pas non plus dans des livre à prétention plus ou moins scientifique que Kraus avait l'habitude de chercher les instruments dont il avait besoin pour
          1. art. plural of le: the
          2. art. plural of la: the
          3. pron. plural of le: them
          4. pron. plural of la: them
     1. n. plural of enquêteur
          1. n-m. investigator
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