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Google Translation:
Ils doivent me prendre pour un miroir

     1. pron. they
et ils sortirent
ils parlaient bas
     1. v. third-person plural present indicative of devoir
          1. n. duty
          2. n. exercise (set for homework)
          3. v. must, to have to (as a requirement)
          4. v. must, to do or have with certainty
          5. v. to owe (money, obligation and etc)
          6. v. (literary, intransitive, in imperfect subjunctive, with inversion of subject) (even) though it be necessary (+ infinitive)
          7. v. (reflexive, ~ de) to have a duty to
     1. n. Abbreviation of Maîtrenon-gloss, , a title given to lawyers and notaries public.
     2. n. Abbreviation of Maitrenon-gloss, , a title given to lawyers and notaries public. (This spelling was a product of the 1990 French spelling reforms.)
     3. pron. (direct object) me
     4. pron. (indirect object) to me
     1. v. to take
           prends ma main. - take my hand.
     2. v. to eat; to drink
           elle prend un café - she is drinking a coffee
     3. v. to get; to buy
     4. v. to rob; to deprive
     5. v. (of fire) to break out
           prendre feu - to catch fire
     6. v. (reflexive) to get (something) caught (in), to jam
           je me suis pris la main dans la porte (I caught my hand in the door)
et il pouvait nous prendre de force avec ses soldats
     1. prep. for (when followed by a noun or pronoun)
           J'ai un cadeau pour toi. - I've got a gift for you.
     2. prep. to (when followed by a verb at the infinitive)
           Je veux chanter pour te faire revenir. - I want to sing to make you come back.
pour le sien
quand ça en tient pour l'uniforme
     1. art. an, a
     2. num. one
     3. n-m. one
     4. pron. one
tout d'un coup
un peu dédaigneux
     1. n. mirror
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