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Google Translation:
Groupe partageant certaines propriétés

     1. n. group
          1. v. to group (to put together to form a group)
     1. v. present participle of partager
          1. v. to share
                Nous allons partager les bénéfices - We are going to share the benefits
          2. v. to divide up
                Ils partagèrent la succession en deux - They divided the estate in two
          3. v. to divide
                Les questions de la guerre et de la paix partageront le pays - Issues of war and peace will divide the country.
          4. v. to share out
                Je partageai les provisions avec tout le monde - I shared the provisions with everyone.
     1. adj. feminine plural of certain
           Certaines filles veulent me toucher, mais c'est rare.
             Certain girls want to touch me, but it is quite rare.
          1. adj. certain (sure, positive)
                Il est certain qu'il viendra.
                  It is certain that he will arrive.
          2. adj. certain (fixed, determined)
          3. adj. certain (specified, particular)
          4. n. certain; certainty
          5. det. certain: a determined but unspecified amount of ; some
                Certaines personnes vont aller.
                  Some people are going.
     1. n. plural of propriété
          1. n. property (something owned)
          2. n. property, attribute
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