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Google Translation:
Gifle, claque

     1. n. (archaic) cheek
     2. n. slap; slap in the face
          1. v. to slap (on the face)
     1. n. slap
     2. n. slap on the cheek
     3. n. (Quebec) overshoe
     4. n. (sports) thrashing; thumping (heavy defeat)
     5. n. (slang) gambling den
     6. n. (slang) whorehouse, brothel
          1. v. (intransitive) to clack (make a sharp sound)
          2. v. (of hands) to clap
                claquer des mains
                  clap one's hands
                claquer les acrobates
                  clap the acrobats
          3. v. (intransitive, of fingers) to click, to snap
                faire claquer ses doigts
                  to click one's fingers
          4. v. (intransitive, of a whip) to crack
                faire claquer un fouet
                  to crack a whip
          5. v. (intransitive, of a flag) to flap
          6. v. (intransitive, of teeth) to chatter
          7. v. (intransitive, of gunshots) to rattle
          8. v. (intransitive, of shutters) to rattle
          9. v. (intransitive) to click (to make a click sound with the mouth)
          10. v. to slap (hit with the hand)
          11. v. to slam (a door)
                J'ai claquĆ© la porte au nez de mon voisin.
                  I slammed the door in my neighbour's face.
          12. v. (reflexive) to snap
                se claquer un muscle
                  to snap a muscle
          13. v. to sole a shoe
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