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Google Translation:
Faire un capot

     1. v. to do
           Qu'est-ce que tu fais ? - What are you doing?
           Faire la vaisselle. - To do the washing-up.
     4. v. to make
           Faire une erreur. - To make a mistake.
     6. v. to say (of a person), to go (of an animal)
           Je t'aime, fit-il. - I love you, he said.
           Le chat fait miaou. - The cat goes meow.
     9. v. to make (cause someone or something to do something)
           Tu me fais rire. - You make me laugh.
           La chanson me fait pleurer. - The song makes me cry.
     12. v. (impersonal) To be (of the weather or various situations).
           Il fait chaud/froid/noir/beau dehors. - It is hot/cold/dark/nice outside.
           Ça fait dix ans que nous nous connaissons. - We have known each other for ten years.
     15. v. (reflexive) to do, to make (oneself)
           Elle se fait les ongles. - She is doing her nails.
     17. v. (reflexive, followed by an infinitive) to be (used for a passive action)
           Se faire piquer. - To be stung.
           Je me suis fait avoir. - I got screwed.
     20. v. (reflexive) to ripen (of fruit), to mature (, etc.)
     21. v. (reflexive, ~ à) to become used to (see se faire une raison)
     22. v. (slang) to do (to have sex with)
     23. v. (reflexive) to become, to get
     1. art. an, a
     2. num. one
     3. n-m. one
     4. pron. one
     1. n. bonnet (UK), hood (US)
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