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Google Translation:
Elles vont pêcher tous les jours

     1. pron. they (female).
     2. pron. them (female).
     3. n. plural of elle
les femmes elles-mêmes
qu'elles faisaient sourire
     1. v. third-person plural present indicative of aller
     2. v. third-person plural present indicative of vader
          1. v. (intransitive) to go
                Nous devons aller à l’école. - We must go to school.
                J’irai au magasin. - I will go to the store.
          2. v. (when followed by an infinitive verb) to be going (to); will soon; forms a near-future tense
                Il allait visiter sa famille. - He was going to visit his family.
                Je vais aller au magasin. - I will go to the store.
          3. v. to be (feeling)
                J'espère que tu vas bien. - I hope you are well.
                Tout ira bien - All will be well.
          4. v. to go well with (clothes, colors, etc.)
          5. n. Outward trip; journey out; trip away (implying not returning)
     1. v. to fish
     2. n. peach tree
     1. pron. all
           Ils étaient tous là. - They were all there.
     2. pron. everybody
           Tous étaient là. - Everybody was there.
     3. adj. masculine plural of tout
           Je me brosse les dents tous les jours. - I brush my teeth all the days.
et, marchant après tous
          1. adj. all
          2. pron. everything
          3. adv. all
     1. art. plural of le: the
     2. art. plural of la: the
     3. pron. plural of le: them
     4. pron. plural of la: them
les habitants
les vainqueurs
     1. n. plural of jour
pendant plusieurs jours de suite
          1. n. day
          2. n. daylight, light
          3. n. opening, aperture
tous les jours
     1. Phrase. daily (every day)
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