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Google Translation:
Couleur brun-marron foncé moyennement saturé.

     1. n. color, colour
     2. n. (poker) a flush
     3. n. (cards) suit
     4. n. (heraldry) tincture, colour
qu'il élevait ensuite entre la lampe et son oeil pour bien apprécier la couleur
     1. adj. brown (the color)
     2. n-m. brown (the color)
     3. n-m. brown-haired person
     1. n. horse-chestnut
     2. n. chestnut
     3. n. chestnut brown
     4. n. A token used as a control of the presence of someone at his post
     5. n. (pyrotechnics) firecracker (on a rocket)
     6. n. (informal) punch (with the fist)
     7. n. (informal) head
     8. adj. (France) brown
     9. adj. that has become wild again (used of a slave or animal who has returned to a free or wild state)
     10. adj. illicit, crooked (of professions)
           magie marronne - hedge magic
     11. n. maroon (a slave or animal who has run away to live free)
     1. adj. (of a colour) dark (having a dark shade)
     2. v. past participle of foncer
     1. adv. averagely (in an average way)
     1. v. past participle of saturer
     2. adj. saturated
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