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Cette règle est faussée

     1. pron. feminine singular of ce
a cette pensée
dans cette neige
     1. n. Norma
     2. n. rule, regulation
           Pour atteindre le bonheur il y a deux règles : 1. Contentez-vous de ce que vous avez. 2. Essayez d'en avoir un maximum - Proverb (Anon)
             To attain happiness there are two rules: 1. Be happy with what you have. 2. Try to have as much as possible.
     3. n. rule, period of ruling
           La règle du Roi Henry
             King Henry's rule.
     4. n. ruler (for measuring length)
     5. v. first-person singular present indicative of régler
     6. v. third-person singular present indicative of régler
     7. v. first-person singular present subjunctive of régler
     8. v. third-person singular present subjunctive of régler
     9. v. second-person singular imperative of régler
          1. v. to sort out, to settle (a problem, a bill)
                On va régler le problème tout de suite.
                  We will sort out that problem immediately.
          2. v. to set, to adjust
                Régler le réveil pour 8 heures.
                  Set the alarm for 8 o'clock.
          3. v. to regulate
          4. v. to rule; to put lines on.
                Régler le papier.
     1. adj. east
     2. n-m. east
     3. v. third-person singular present indicative of être
ça y est
qu'est-ce que ça vous fait
          1. v. to be
                Vous devez être plus clairs. - You must be clearer.
          2. v. (auxiliary) Used to form the perfect and pluperfect tense of (including all reflexive verbs)
                Après être allé au yoga, je suis rentré chez moi. - After having gone to yoga, I came back home.
          3. v. (auxiliary) to be (Used to form the passive voice)
                Il peut être battu ce soir. - He could be beaten this evening.
          4. n. being, creature
     1. adj. feminine singular of faussé
          1. v. fr-past-participle
          2. v. past participle of fausser
          3. adj. falsified
          4. adj. distorted, skewed
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