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Google Translation:
Cette femme a une belle poitrine

     1. pron. feminine singular of ce
a cette pensée
dans cette neige
     1. n. woman
     2. n. wife
la femme
sa femme
     1. pron. (Quebec, colloquial) alternative form of elle she
     2. v. third-person singular present indicative of avoir
           Elle a un chat. - She has a cat.
a moi
a dix
          1. n. asset, possession
          2. v. to have (to own; to possess)
                J'aimerais avoir 20 dollars. - I would like to have 20 dollars.
          3. v. (intransitive, with à) to have (to), must
                J'ai à vous parler. - I have to talk to you.
          4. v. (auxiliary) to have (auxiliary verb to form compound past tenses of most verbs)
                J'ai parlé. - I have spoken.
          5. v. to have (a condition)
                J'ai faim. - I have hunger.
                J'ai froid. - I have cold.
          6. v. to have (a measure or age)
                Elle a 19 ans. - She has 19 years.
          7. v. to have (to trick)
                Tu t'es fait avoir. - You've been had.
          8. v. to have (to participate in an experience)
                avoir des relations sexuelles - to have sexual relations
     1. num. feminine singular of un
     2. art. a / an (feminine indefinite article)
     3. n. front page (of a publication)
une gloire locale
un homme et une femme
     1. adj. feminine singular of beau
     2. n. beautiful woman, belle, beauty
     3. n. (Louisiana French) girlfriend
l'alcool le mit en belle humeur
il avait mangé avec les frères et amis une assez belle fortune
          1. adj. handsome, fine, attractive
          2. adj. nice
          3. adj. fair (weather)
                Il fait beau.
                  It is nice out.
          4. n. (Louisiana French) boyfriend
     1. n. chest (of body)
     2. n. breast (of body)
     3. n. breast (of poultry, as meat)
avait trop de tirage dans la poitrine
ce qui lui mettait parfois des points d'orgue dans la poitrine
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