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Écoute ton rêve et demain le Soleil brillera toujours.

     1. det. (possessive) Your, thy (used to qualify masculine nouns and before vowel).
           Tu as pensé à prendre ton livre? — Did you think to take your book?
           Ton écriture est jolie. — Your writing is nice.
     2. n. Tone (sound of a particular frequency).
     3. n. (music) Tone (interval).
           Il y a un ton entre do et ré — Doh and ray are separated by one tone.
     4. n. Tone (manner of speaking).
           Je n'aime pas le ton sur lequel tu me parles! — I don’t like your tone! or I don’t like the way you are talking to me!
     5. n. Tone, shade (of colour).
           Différents tons de rouge. — Several shades of red.
le ton de la voix
élevant encore le ton
     1. n. dream
     2. v. first-person singular present indicative of rêver
     3. v. third-person singular present indicative of rêver
     4. v. first-person singular present subjunctive of rêver
     5. v. third-person singular present subjunctive of rêver
     6. v. second-person singular imperative of rêver
          1. v. to dream
     1. conj. and
et le froid
et continuait
     1. adv. tomorrow
     1. art. The (definite article).
           Le lait du matin. - The milk of the morning.
           Je suis le valeureux Don Quichotte de la Manche, le défaiseur de torts et le réparateur d’iniquités. - I am the valiant Don Quixote of La Mancha, the undoer of wrongs and the repairer of iniqui
     2. art. Used before abstract nouns; not translated in English.
     3. art. (before parts of the body) The; my, your, etc.
           Il s’est cassé la jambe. - He has broken his leg.
     4. art. (before units) A, an.
           Cinquante kilomètres à l’heure. - fifty kilometres an hour
     5. pron. (direct object) Him, it.
     6. pron. (used to refer to something previously mentioned or implied; not translated in English).
           Je suis petit et lui, il l’est aussi. - I am small and he is too (he is it too, i.e., he is small too).
le regard fixe
je vous le jure
     1. n. sun (star)
toujours levée avec le soleil
un clair soleil d'hiver rendait la neige éblouissante
     1. v. third-person singular future of briller
          1. v. (intransitive) to shine, to sparkle
     1. adv. always
     2. adv. still
pleurait toujours;
toujours levée avec le soleil
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