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Google Translation:
(Vieilli) (Rare) Bast ! Basta ! Bah ! Laissons tomber !

     1. v. past participle of vieillir
     2. adj. old-fashioned; dated
     1. adj. rare
     1. interj. No.
           Bah, bah, bah !
           No, no, no!
     2. interj. An exclamation to fill space, often used as an intensifier; well, err, um.
           Tu veux jouer aussi ? - Bah, ouais.
           Do you want to play too? - Well, yeah.
     1. v. first-person plural present indicative of laisser
     2. v. first-person plural imperative of laisser
          1. v. to leave, to leave behind
                Laissez le pistolet sur la table
                  Leave the gun on the table
          2. v. to forget, to leave alone
          3. v. to leave with, to give
          4. v. to let, to allow
          5. v. (reflexive, se laisser) to allow oneself, to let oneself
     1. v. to fall
faisant tomber sur sa vaste barbe
laisser tomber
     1. v. to physically drop (an object)
     2. v. (transitive, figuratively) to drop, to forget about, to leave; to give up
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