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(Générique) Être humain, quel que soit son sexe.

     1. n. (cinema, television) opening credits or end/closing credits
     2. n. (pharmacology) a generic drug
     3. adj. genre (used attributively)
     4. adj. genericized, generic
     1. n. human
     2. adj. human
     3. adj. humane
être humain
     1. n-m. A human being.
     1. adj. which
           Quel mec a volé mon pantalon ?
             Which guy stole my trousers?
     2. adj. (exclamative) what
           Quelle catastrophe !
             What a catastrophe !
     3. pron. what
           Quel est son nom ?
             What is his name?
quel embarras!
mais dans quel but
     1. conj. that (introduces a noun clause and connects it to its parent clause)
           Je vois que tu parles bien français. — I see that you speak French well.
     2. conj. (used with ne) only (ne ... que parses roughly as "(does) not / nothing ... other than")
           Je ne mange que des fruits. — I eat only fruits.
     3. conj. Substitutes for another, previously stated conjunction.
           Si le temps est beau et que tout le monde est d'accord, nous mangerons en plein air. — If the weather is nice and if everyone likes the idea, we'll eat outside.
     4. conj. when, no sooner.
           Il était à peine parti qu'elle a téléphoné à la police. — No sooner had he left when she called the police.
     5. conj. Links two noun phrases in apposition forming a clause without a (finite) verb, such that the complement acts as predicate.
     6. conj. than (introduces a comparison)
           Il est plus grand que son père. — He is taller than his father.
     7. pron. (slightly formal) The inanimate direct-object interrogative pronoun.
           Que pensez-vous de cette peinture ? — What do you think of that painting?
     8. pron. (slightly formal) The inanimate subject or predicative interrogative pronoun.
           Qu'est-il arrivé ?
           Que me vaut cette visite ?
           Que sommes nous ? — What are we?
     9. pron. The direct object relative pronoun.
           C'est un homme que je connais très bien. — He's a man whom I know very well.
           Je viens de lire la lettre que vous m'avez envoyée. — I've just read the letter that you sent me.
tandis que
on ne sut plus que faire
     1. conj. or, meaning, that is to say
     2. conj. either ... or
     3. v. third-person singular present subjunctive of être
     4. v. (chiefly mathematics) let … be.
           Soit f une fonction linéaire.
             Let f be a linear function.
     5. interj. OK; granted; so be it.
          1. v. to be
                Vous devez être plus clairs. - You must be clearer.
          2. v. (auxiliary) Used to form the perfect and pluperfect tense of (including all reflexive verbs)
                Après être allé au yoga, je suis rentré chez moi. - After having gone to yoga, I came back home.
          3. v. (auxiliary) to be (Used to form the passive voice)
                Il peut être battu ce soir. - He could be beaten this evening.
          4. n. being, creature
quel que soit
     1. prep. whatever, regardless of, no matter
           Quel que soit votre problème, nous pouvons vous aider. - Whatever your problem might be, we can help you.No matter what your problem is, we can help you.
     1. n. sound
           Le son de ce piano est agréable. (The sound of this piano is nice.)
     2. det. (possessive) His, her, its (used to qualify masculine nouns and before a vowel).
           Elle a perdu son chapeau. - She lost her hat.
           Il a perdu son chapeau. - He lost his hat.
           J'aime son amie. - I like her/his girlfriend.
           La décision a été prise pendant son absence. - The decision was taken in his absence.
     3. n. bran
           Ceci est du pain de son. - This bread is done with bran.
a son tour
alors son mari
     1. n. gender
     2. n. sex (the act)
     3. n. sex organ
     4. adj. Pornographic
     5. adj. Horny, sexually aroused
     6. adj. Sexy
     7. v. second-person singular present imperative of sexer
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