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Google Translation:
(Familier) Personne un peu bête, empotée, nigaude

     1. adj. familiar (known to one)
     2. adj. (linguistics) familiar, informal, colloquial (lexicon)
il lui parla de ce ton familier
     1. n. person
     2. pron. (with ne) no one, nobody
           Il n'y a personne ici. - There is nobody here.
           Qui l'a lu? Personne. - Who has read it? No one.
     3. pron. anyone
personne ne descendait
personne ne la regardait
     1. art. an, a
     2. num. one
     3. n-m. one
     4. pron. one
dit l'un
un peu derrière
     1. adv. little; not very much/many
           Il est peu intelligent. - He is little intelligent.
     2. n-m. few
           Peu de gens sont d’accord - Few people agree
     3. n-m. little
           un peu - a little
           Je te donne le peu d’argent que j’ai - I’ll give you the little money I have
           Je n’aime pas beaucoup ce café mais j’en ai bu un peu - I don’t like this coffee very much but I drank a little of it or I don’t like this coffee very much but I drank some of it
dura peu
parlant peu
un peu
     1. adv. a little, a bit
           Il est un peu con.
     2. adv. used to soften an order
           Viens un peu ici !
           Regarde un peu dans la voiture s'il-te-plaît.
     1. n. beast, animal
     2. adj. (offensive) Not very bright and lacking in judgement; stupid; inept.
     3. adj. Which could have been easily averted; silly.
     4. adj. (Canada, informal) Having a bad character or in a bad mood; showing great displeasure in interacting with people; ill-tempered.
restait bête;
voyons, vous êtes bête
     1. adj. feminine singular of empoté
          1. v. past participle of empoter
          2. adj. clumsy, awkward
          3. n-m. clumsy person, butterfingers
     1. adj. feminine singular of nigaud
          1. adj. silly, dimwitted
          2. n. nincompoop, goof, nitwit
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