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Je vais y passer demain pour mes affaires



     1. pron. I
     1. v. first-person singular present indicative of aller
     2. v. first-person singular present indicative of vader
     1. pron. there (at a place)
     2. pron. there, thither (to there)
     3. pron. ngd, Used as a pronoun to replace à followed by an indirect object.
     4. pron.          With verbs: see for verbs which use this structure.
     5. pron. (archaic) With adjectives. Only used with handful of adjectives (the most usual being y compris, which is a special case), mainly in juridical language.
     6. pron. (Quebec, France, colloquial) He: alternative form of il
     7. pron. (Quebec, France, colloquial) They: alternative form of ils
     8. pron. (Quebec, colloquial) They: alternative form of elles
     1. v. to go past
     2. v. to cross (a border)
     3. v. (legal) to pass
     4. v. to spend (time)
     5. v. to publish (a newspaper)
     6. v. to take, to sit (an exam or test)
     7. v. (intransitive) to pass (an exam or test)
     8. v. (dated) to pass (an exam or test)
     9. v. (public transportation) to run
     10. v. to exceed (a limit)
     11. v. to percolate
     12. v. to hand down, to pass on
     13. v. to be allowed
     14. v. (intransitive) to pass, to go (between two entities)
     15. v. to show (a movie)
     16. v. to go up (a grade)
     17. v. to shift (change gear)
     18. v.          to go down
     19. v.          to go up
     20. v. to stop by, to pop in
     21. v. to pass away, to die
     22. v. (music) to spin (e.g. a disk)
     23. v. (TV) to show (be on television)
     24. v. (sports) to pass (kick, throw, hit etc. the ball to another player)
     25. v. (athletics) to pass (the relay baton)
     26. v. to pass on (infect someone else with a disease)
     27. v. to put, to place, to slip (move a part of one's body somewhere else)
     28. v. to wipe, rub
     29. v. to skip a go
     30. v. to put (make something undergo something)
     31. v. (card games) to pass (not play upon one's turn)
     32. v. (reflexive) to take place, to happen, to come to pass.
     33. v. (reflexive, for time) to go by
     34. v. (reflexive, with de) to do without
     1. adv. tomorrow
     1. prep. for (when followed by a noun or pronoun)
     2. prep. to (when followed by a verb at the infinitive)
     1. det. my (when referring to a plural noun)
     1. n. plural of affaire
     2. n. (plural only) belongings
     3. n. (plural only) business

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