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Il est mignon de mettre un chat dans un seau



     1. pron. he (third-person singular masculine subject pronoun for human subject)
     2. pron. it (third-person singular subject pronoun for grammatically masculine objects)
     3. pron. Impersonal subject; it
     1. adj. east
     2. n-m. east
     3. v. third-person singular present indicative of être
          1. v. to be
          2. v. (auxiliary) Used to form the perfect and pluperfect tense of (including all reflexive verbs)
          3. v. (auxiliary) to be (Used to form the passive voice)
          4. n. being, creature
     1. adj. cute (of a baby, an animal, etc.)
     2. adj. cute (sexually attractive)
     3. n. a small pastry
     1. prep. of (expresses belonging)
     2. prep. of (used to express property or association)
     3. prep. from (used to indicate origin)
     4. prep. of (indicates an amount)
     5. prep. used attributively, often translated into English as a compound word
     6. prep. from (used to indicate the start of a time or range)
     7. prep. used after certain verbs before an infinitive, often translated into English as a gerund or an infinitive
     8. prep. by (indicates the amount of change)
     9. art. (indefinite) some; any (in questions or negatives)
     10. art. (negative) (pas de) a, an, any
     11. n. abbreviation of dame
     1. v. to put; to place
     2. v. (transitive, of clothing) to put on
     3. v. to set (to lay a table)
     4. v. (takes a reflexive pronoun) to start (+ à) (something / doing something), to get around to doing something
     1. art. an, a
     2. num. one
     3. n-m. one
     4. pron. one
     1. n. cat (feline)
     2. n. (male) cat, tom, tomcat
     3. n. tag, tig (children’s game)
     4. n. (Internet) chat (online discussion)
     1. prep. in (inside)
     2. prep. in, into (from outside, to inside)
     3. prep. in, within (a longer period of time)
     4. prep. out of, from
     5. prep. (with respect to time) during
     6. n. plural of dan
     1. art. an, a
     2. num. one
     3. n-m. one
     4. pron. one
     1. n-m. pail, bucket

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