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En ce qui concerne la beauté, il tient de son père


As far as looks are concerned, he takes after his dad


     1. prep. in (used to indicate space)
     2. prep. by (used to indicate means)
     3. prep. as
     4. prep. at (used to describe an ability)
     5. prep. of, made of (used to describe composition)
     6. prep. in (during the following time (used for months and years))
     7. prep. (followed by a gerund) while
     8. prep. (followed by a gerund) by, in (describing a way of getting something)
     9. prep. in (used to describe color)
     10. prep. in (used to describe feelings)
     11. prep. in (as part of something)
     12. pron. (ngd, Used as the object of a verb to indicate an indefinite quantity; of it, of them. Replaces the partitive article (du, de la, etc.))
     13. pron. ngd, Adverbial preposition indicating movement away from a place already mentioned.
     1. det. this, that
     2. pron. it, this, that
     1. pron. (interrogative) who, whom
     2. pron. (relative) who, whom (after a preposition), which, that
     3. pron. (Louisiana French, Cajun French) if
ce qui
     1. conj. what (that which; those which; the thing that)
     1. v. first-person singular present indicative of concerner
     2. v. third-person singular present indicative of concerner
     3. v. first-person singular present subjunctive of concerner
     4. v. second-person singular imperative of concerner
          1. v. to concern (be concerned with, be associated with)
en ce qui concerne
     1. prep. concerning, as to, as far as ... is concerned
     1. art. the (definite article).
     2. pron. her, it (direct object).
     3. n-m. (music) la, the note 'A'.
     1. n. beauty
     1. pron. he (third-person singular masculine subject pronoun for human subject)
     2. pron. it (third-person singular subject pronoun for grammatically masculine objects)
     3. pron. Impersonal subject; it
     1. v. third-person singular present indicative of tenir
          1. v. to have; to hold
          2. v. to keep
          3. v. (intransitive) to stay; to hold
          4. v. (reflexive, uncommon) to hold on
          5. v. (reflexive) to hold oneself, to be standing
          6. v. (reflexive) to behave
          7. v. (reflexive) to maintain, remain in a certain position or disposition
          8. v. (transitive with à) to be attached to something, to be fond of something, to hold something dear
          9. v. (reflexive, Quebec, slang) to hang out
     1. prep. of (expresses belonging)
     2. prep. of (used to express property or association)
     3. prep. from (used to indicate origin)
     4. prep. of (indicates an amount)
     5. prep. used attributively, often translated into English as a compound word
     6. prep. from (used to indicate the start of a time or range)
     7. prep. used after certain verbs before an infinitive, often translated into English as a gerund or an infinitive
     8. prep. by (indicates the amount of change)
     9. art. (indefinite) some; any (in questions or negatives)
     10. art. (negative) (pas de) a, an, any
     11. n. abbreviation of dame
tenir de
     1. v. to take after, act similarly to
     1. n. sound
     2. det. (possessive) His, her, its (used to qualify masculine nouns and before a vowel).
     3. n. bran
     1. n. father (parent)
     2. n. father (clergyman)
     3. n. Sr. (senior) (postnomial title used to indicate a father that shares the same name as the son)

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