Daily French Audio - Words

Words used in this podcast
Word Root Meanings
lécha 1. v. third-person singular past historic of lécher
lécher 1. v. to lick
2. v. (figurative, informal) to polish, to refine (one's work)
noisette 1. n. hazelnut
2. n. noisette
3. n. knob (of butter etc.)
4. n. espresso with a little milk
sac à dos 1. n-m. backpack (bag worn on a person's back)
cour 1. n. courtyard, yard
2. n. (legal) court
3. n. (royal) court
4. n. following (of a celebrity etc.)
cerf 1. n. A stag, a hart.
maison 1. n. house
sautilla 1. v. third-person singular past historic of sautiller
sautiller 1. v. to hop (make small jumps)
contient 1. v. third-person singular present indicative of contenir
contenir 1. v. to contain (To have in)
2. v. to contain, to hold back (control, e.g. a disease, tears), to keep in check (control something that might hurt you, e.g. emotions)
3. v. to hold, to take, to seat (To have a capacity of)
beau-père 1. n-m. A father-in-law, the father of one's spouse
2. n-m. A stepfather, stepdad, the present husband of the mother of a child from a previous marriage
en 1. prep. in (used to indicate space)
2. : J'habite en Angleterre. - I live in England.
3. prep. by (used to indicate means)
4. : aller en bus - go by bus
5. : partir en voiture - leave by car
août 1. n. August
chaussette 1. n. sock
légume 1. n. (cooking) vegetable
2. : Manger des légumes est très bon pour la santé. - Eating vegetables is very good for one's health.
3. n. (figuratively, informal offensive) vegetable, cabbage (someone in a vegetative state)
4. : Depuis qu'il a eu un accident de voiture, il ressemble à un vrai légume. - Since his car accident he has turned into a complete vegetable.
5. n. (botany, dated) legume| pod
sucre 1. n. sugar
sucrer 1. v. to sugar (to add sugar to, to sweeten)
chocolat 1. adj. chocolate| chocolate-coloured
2. adj. deceived| tricked
3. n. chocolate
4. n. hot chocolate

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