Conjugation of voir

Common conjugations for the French verb voir, and their English translations.

voirto see

Present Indicative
je voisI see
tu voisyou see
il voithe sees
elle voitshe sees
nous voyonswe see
vous voyezyou (formal) see
ils voientthey see
elles voientthey see

Imperfect Indicative
je voyaisI was seeing
tu voyaisyou were seeing
il voyaithe was seeing
elle voyaitshe was seeing
nous voyionswe were seeing
vous voyiezyou (formal) were seeing
ils voyaientthey were seeing
elles voyaientthey were seeing

Passé Composé
j'ai vuI have seen
tu as vuyou have seen
il a vuhe has seen
elle a vushe has seen
nous avons vuwe have seen
vous avez vuyou (formal) have seen
ils ont vuthey have seen
elles ont vuthey have seen

Future Indicative
je verraiI will see
tu verrasyou will see
il verrahe will see
elle verrashe will see
nous verronswe will see
vous verrezyou (formal) will see
ils verrontthey will see
elles verrontthey will see

je verraisI would see
tu verraisyou would see
il verraithe would see
elle verraitshe would see
nous verrionswe would see
vous verriezyou (formal) would see
ils verraientthey would see
elles verraientthey would see

Present Subjunctive
je voie(... that) I see
tu voies(... that) you see
il voie(... that) he sees
elle voie(... that) she sees
nous voyions(... that) we see
vous voyiez(... that) you (formal) see
ils voient(... that) they see
elles voient(... that) they see

vois See!
voyonsLet's see!
voyez See! (pl)

Present Participle
voyant seeing

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