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Conjugation of se souvenir

Common conjugations for the French verb se souvenir, and their English translations.

se souvenirto remember

Present Indicative
je me souviensI remember
tu te souviensyou remember
il se souvienthe remembers
elle se souvientshe remembers
nous nous souvenonswe remember
vous vous souvenezyou remember
ils se souviennentthey remember
elles se souviennentthey remember

Imperfect Indicative
je me souvenaisI was remembering
tu te souvenaisyou were remembering
il se souvenaithe was remembering
elle se souvenaitshe was remembering
nous nous souvenionswe were remembering
vous vous souveniezyou were remembering
ils se souvenaientthey were remembering
elles se souvenaientthey were remembering

Past Historic
je me suis souvenuI remembered
tu t'es souvenuyou remembered
il s'est souvenuhe remembered
elle s'est souvenueshe remembered
nous nous sommes souvenuswe remembered
vous vous êtes souvenuyou remembered
ils se sont souvenusthey remembered
elles se sont souvenuesthey remembered

Future Indicative
je me souviendraiI will remember
tu te souviendrasyou will remember
il se souviendrahe will remember
elle se souviendrashe will remember
nous nous souviendronswe will remember
vous vous souviendrezyou will remember
ils se souviendrontthey will remember
elles se souviendrontthey will remember

je me souviendraisI would remember
tu te souviendraisyou would remember
il se souviendraithe would remember
elle se souviendraitshe would remember
nous nous souviendrionswe would remember
vous vous souviendriezyou would remember
ils se souviendraientthey would remember
elles se souviendraientthey would remember

Present Subjunctive
(... que) je me souvienne(... that) I remember
(... que) tu te souviennes(... that) you remember
(... que) il se souvienne(... that) he remembers
(... que) elle se souvienne(... that) she remembers
(... que) nous nous souvenions(... that) we remember
(... que) vous vous souveniez(... that) you remember
(... que) ils se souviennent(... that) they remember
(... que) elles se souviennent(... that) they remember

Imperfect Subjunctive
(... que) je me souvinsse(... that) I was remembering
(... que) tu te souvinsses(... that) you were remembering
(... que) il se souvînt(... that) he was remembering
(... que) elle se souvînt(... that) she was remembering
(... que) nous nous souvinssions(... that) we were remembering
(... que) vous vous souvinssiez(... that) you were remembering
(... que) ils se souvinssent(... that) they were remembering
(... que) elles se souvinssent(... that) they were remembering

souviens-toi Remember!
souvenons-nousLet's remember!
souvenez-vous Remember! (pl)

Present Participle
se souvenant remembering

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