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Conjugation of se soucier

Common conjugations for the French verb se soucier, and their English translations.

se soucierto care

Present Indicative
je me soucieI care
tu te souciesyou care
il se souciehe cares
elle se soucieshe cares
nous nous soucionswe care
vous vous souciezyou care
ils se soucientthey care
elles se soucientthey care

Imperfect Indicative
je me souciaisI was caring
tu te souciaisyou were caring
il se souciaithe was caring
elle se souciaitshe was caring
nous nous souciionswe were caring
vous vous souciiezyou were caring
ils se souciaientthey were caring
elles se souciaientthey were caring

Past Historic
je me suis souciéI cared
tu t'es souciéyou cared
il s'est souciéhe cared
elle s'est souciéeshe cared
nous nous sommes souciéswe cared
vous vous êtes souciéyou cared
ils se sont souciésthey cared
elles se sont souciéesthey cared

Future Indicative
je me soucieraiI will care
tu te soucierasyou will care
il se soucierahe will care
elle se soucierashe will care
nous nous soucieronswe will care
vous vous soucierezyou will care
ils se soucierontthey will care
elles se soucierontthey will care

je me soucieraisI would care
tu te soucieraisyou would care
il se soucieraithe would care
elle se soucieraitshe would care
nous nous soucierionswe would care
vous vous soucieriezyou would care
ils se soucieraientthey would care
elles se soucieraientthey would care

Present Subjunctive
(... que) je me soucie(... that) I care
(... que) tu te soucies(... that) you care
(... que) il se soucie(... that) he cares
(... que) elle se soucie(... that) she cares
(... que) nous nous souciions(... that) we care
(... que) vous vous souciiez(... that) you care
(... que) ils se soucient(... that) they care
(... que) elles se soucient(... that) they care

Imperfect Subjunctive
(... que) je me souciasse(... that) I was caring
(... que) tu te souciasses(... that) you were caring
(... que) il se souciât(... that) he was caring
(... que) elle se souciât(... that) she was caring
(... que) nous nous souciassions(... that) we were caring
(... que) vous vous souciassiez(... that) you were caring
(... que) ils se souciassent(... that) they were caring
(... que) elles se souciassent(... that) they were caring

soucie-toi Care!
soucions-nousLet's care!
souciez-vous Care! (pl)

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