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Conjugation of rester

Common conjugations for the French verb rester, and their English translations.

resterto stay

Present Indicative
je resteI stay
tu restesyou stay
il restehe stays
elle resteshe stays
nous restonswe stay
vous restezyou stay
ils restentthey stay
elles restentthey stay

Imperfect Indicative
je restaisI was staying
tu restaisyou were staying
il restaithe was staying
elle restaitshe was staying
nous restionswe were staying
vous restiezyou were staying
ils restaientthey were staying
elles restaientthey were staying

Past Historic
je suis restéI stayed
tu es restéyou stayed
il est restéhe stayed
elle est restéeshe stayed
nous sommes restéwe stayed
vous êtes restéyou stayed
ils sont restésthey stayed
elles sont restéesthey stayed

Future Indicative
je resteraiI will stay
tu resterasyou will stay
il resterahe will stay
elle resterashe will stay
nous resteronswe will stay
vous resterezyou will stay
ils resterontthey will stay
elles resterontthey will stay

je resteraisI would stay
tu resteraisyou would stay
il resteraithe would stay
elle resteraitshe would stay
nous resterionswe would stay
vous resteriezyou would stay
ils resteraientthey would stay
elles resteraientthey would stay

Present Subjunctive
(... que) je reste(... that) I stay
(... que) tu restes(... that) you stay
(... que) il reste(... that) he stays
(... que) elle reste(... that) she stays
(... que) nous restions(... that) we stay
(... que) vous restiez(... that) you stay
(... que) ils restent(... that) they stay
(... que) elles restent(... that) they stay

Imperfect Subjunctive
(... que) je restasse(... that) I was staying
(... que) tu restasses(... that) you were staying
(... que) il restât(... that) he was staying
(... que) elle restât(... that) she was staying
(... que) nous restassions(... that) we were staying
(... que) vous restassiez(... that) you were staying
(... que) ils restassent(... that) they were staying
(... que) elles restassent(... that) they were staying

reste Stay!
restonsLet's stay!
restez Stay! (pl)

Present Participle
restant staying

Past Participle
resté stayed

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