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Conjugation of pointer

Common conjugations for the French verb pointer, and their English translations.

pointerto point

Present Indicative
je pointeI point
tu pointesyou point
il pointehe points
elle pointeshe points
nous pointonswe point
vous pointezyou point
ils pointentthey point
elles pointentthey point

Imperfect Indicative
je pointaisI was pointing
tu pointaisyou were pointing
il pointaithe was pointing
elle pointaitshe was pointing
nous pointionswe were pointing
vous pointiezyou were pointing
ils pointaientthey were pointing
elles pointaientthey were pointing

Past Historic
j'ai pointéI pointed
tu as pointéyou pointed
il a pointéhe pointed
elle a pointéshe pointed
nous avons pointéwe pointed
vous avez pointéyou pointed
ils ont pointéthey pointed
elles ont pointéthey pointed

Future Indicative
je pointeraiI will point
tu pointerasyou will point
il pointerahe will point
elle pointerashe will point
nous pointeronswe will point
vous pointerezyou will point
ils pointerontthey will point
elles pointerontthey will point

je pointeraisI would point
tu pointeraisyou would point
il pointeraithe would point
elle pointeraitshe would point
nous pointerionswe would point
vous pointeriezyou would point
ils pointeraientthey would point
elles pointeraientthey would point

Present Subjunctive
(... que) je pointe(... that) I point
(... que) tu pointes(... that) you point
(... que) il pointe(... that) he points
(... que) elle pointe(... that) she points
(... que) nous pointions(... that) we point
(... que) vous pointiez(... that) you point
(... que) ils pointent(... that) they point
(... que) elles pointent(... that) they point

Imperfect Subjunctive
(... que) je pointasse(... that) I was pointing
(... que) tu pointasses(... that) you were pointing
(... que) il pointât(... that) he was pointing
(... que) elle pointât(... that) she was pointing
(... que) nous pointassions(... that) we were pointing
(... que) vous pointassiez(... that) you were pointing
(... que) ils pointassent(... that) they were pointing
(... que) elles pointassent(... that) they were pointing

pointe Point!
pointonsLet's point!
pointez Point! (pl)

Present Participle
pointant pointing

Past Participle
pointé pointed

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