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Conjugation of placer

Common conjugations for the French verb placer, and their English translations.

placerto place

Present Indicative
je placeI place
tu placesyou place
il placehe places
elle placeshe places
nous plaçonswe place
vous placezyou place
ils placentthey place
elles placentthey place

Imperfect Indicative
je plaçaisI was placing
tu plaçaisyou were placing
il plaçaithe was placing
elle plaçaitshe was placing
nous placionswe were placing
vous placiezyou were placing
ils plaçaientthey were placing
elles plaçaientthey were placing

Past Historic
j'ai placéI placed
tu as placéyou placed
il a placéhe placed
elle a placéshe placed
nous avons placéwe placed
vous avez placéyou placed
ils ont placéthey placed
elles ont placéthey placed

Future Indicative
je placeraiI will place
tu placerasyou will place
il placerahe will place
elle placerashe will place
nous placeronswe will place
vous placerezyou will place
ils placerontthey will place
elles placerontthey will place

je placeraisI would place
tu placeraisyou would place
il placeraithe would place
elle placeraitshe would place
nous placerionswe would place
vous placeriezyou would place
ils placeraientthey would place
elles placeraientthey would place

Present Subjunctive
(... que) je place(... that) I place
(... que) tu places(... that) you place
(... que) il place(... that) he places
(... que) elle place(... that) she places
(... que) nous placions(... that) we place
(... que) vous placiez(... that) you place
(... que) ils placent(... that) they place
(... que) elles placent(... that) they place

Imperfect Subjunctive
(... que) je plaçasse(... that) I was placing
(... que) tu plaçasses(... that) you were placing
(... que) il plaçât(... that) he was placing
(... que) elle plaçât(... that) she was placing
(... que) nous plaçassions(... that) we were placing
(... que) vous plaçassiez(... that) you were placing
(... que) ils plaçassent(... that) they were placing
(... que) elles plaçassent(... that) they were placing

place Place!
plaçonsLet's place!
placez Place! (pl)

Present Participle
plaçant placing

Past Participle
placé placed

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