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Conjugation of ouvrir

Common conjugations for the French verb ouvrir, and their English translations.

ouvrirto open

Present Indicative
j'ouvreI open
tu ouvresyou open
il ouvrehe opens
elle ouvreshe opens
nous ouvronswe open
vous ouvrezyou (formal) open
ils ouvrentthey open
elles ouvrentthey open

Imperfect Indicative
j'ouvraisI was opening
tu ouvraisyou were opening
il ouvraithe was opening
elle ouvraitshe was opening
nous ouvrionswe were opening
vous ouvriezyou (formal) were opening
ils ouvraientthey were opening
elles ouvraientthey were opening

Passé Composé
j'ai ouvertI have open-handed
tu as ouvertyou have open-handed
il a ouverthe has open-handed
elle a ouvertshe has open-handed
nous avons ouvertwe have open-handed
vous avez ouvertyou (formal) have open-handed
ils ont ouvertthey have open-handed
elles ont ouvertthey have open-handed

Future Indicative
j'ouvriraiI will open
tu ouvrirasyou will open
il ouvrirahe will open
elle ouvrirashe will open
nous ouvrironswe will open
vous ouvrirezyou (formal) will open
ils ouvrirontthey will open
elles ouvrirontthey will open

j'ouvriraisI would open
tu ouvriraisyou would open
il ouvriraithe would open
elle ouvriraitshe would open
nous ouvririonswe would open
vous ouvririezyou (formal) would open
ils ouvriraientthey would open
elles ouvriraientthey would open

Present Subjunctive
j'ouvre(... that) I open
tu ouvres(... that) you open
il ouvre(... that) he opens
elle ouvre(... that) she opens
nous ouvrions(... that) we open
vous ouvriez(... that) you (formal) open
ils ouvrent(... that) they open
elles ouvrent(... that) they open

ouvre Open!
ouvronsLet's open!
ouvrez Open! (pl)

Present Participle
ouvrant opening

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