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Conjugation of obtenir

Common conjugations for the French verb obtenir, and their English translations.

obtenirto get

Present Indicative
j'obtiensI get
tu obtiensyou get
il obtienthe gets
elle obtientshe gets
nous obtenonswe get
vous obtenezyou (formal) get
ils obtiennentthey get
elles obtiennentthey get

Imperfect Indicative
j'obtenaisI was getting
tu obtenaisyou were getting
il obtenaithe was getting
elle obtenaitshe was getting
nous obtenionswe were getting
vous obteniezyou (formal) were getting
ils obtenaientthey were getting
elles obtenaientthey were getting

Future Indicative
j'obtiendraiI will get
tu obtiendrasyou will get
il obtiendrahe will get
elle obtiendrashe will get
nous obtiendronswe will get
vous obtiendrezyou (formal) will get
ils obtiendrontthey will get
elles obtiendrontthey will get

j'obtiendraisI would get
tu obtiendraisyou would get
il obtiendraithe would get
elle obtiendraitshe would get
nous obtiendrionswe would get
vous obtiendriezyou (formal) would get
ils obtiendraientthey would get
elles obtiendraientthey would get

Present Subjunctive
j'obtienne(... that) I get
tu obtiennes(... that) you get
il obtienne(... that) he gets
elle obtienne(... that) she gets
nous obtenions(... that) we get
vous obteniez(... that) you (formal) get
ils obtiennent(... that) they get
elles obtiennent(... that) they get

obtiens Get!
obtenonsLet's get!
obtenez Get! (pl)

Present Participle
obtenant getting

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