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Conjugation of montrer

Common conjugations for the French verb montrer, and their English translations.

montrerto show

Present Indicative
je montreI show
tu montresyou show
il montrehe shows
elle montreshe shows
nous montronswe show
vous montrezyou show
ils montrentthey show
elles montrentthey show

Imperfect Indicative
je montraisI was showing
tu montraisyou were showing
il montraithe was showing
elle montraitshe was showing
nous montrionswe were showing
vous montriezyou were showing
ils montraientthey were showing
elles montraientthey were showing

Past Historic
j'ai montréI showed
tu as montréyou showed
il a montréhe showed
elle a montréshe showed
nous avons montréwe showed
vous avez montréyou showed
ils ont montréthey showed
elles ont montréthey showed

Future Indicative
je montreraiI will show
tu montrerasyou will show
il montrerahe will show
elle montrerashe will show
nous montreronswe will show
vous montrerezyou will show
ils montrerontthey will show
elles montrerontthey will show

je montreraisI would show
tu montreraisyou would show
il montreraithe would show
elle montreraitshe would show
nous montrerionswe would show
vous montreriezyou would show
ils montreraientthey would show
elles montreraientthey would show

Present Subjunctive
(... que) je montre(... that) I show
(... que) tu montres(... that) you show
(... que) il montre(... that) he shows
(... que) elle montre(... that) she shows
(... que) nous montrions(... that) we show
(... que) vous montriez(... that) you show
(... que) ils montrent(... that) they show
(... que) elles montrent(... that) they show

Imperfect Subjunctive
(... que) je montrasse(... that) I was showing
(... que) tu montrasses(... that) you were showing
(... que) il montrât(... that) he was showing
(... que) elle montrât(... that) she was showing
(... que) nous montrassions(... that) we were showing
(... que) vous montrassiez(... that) you were showing
(... que) ils montrassent(... that) they were showing
(... que) elles montrassent(... that) they were showing

montre Show!
montronsLet's show!
montrez Show! (pl)

Present Participle
montrant showing

Past Participle
montré shown

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