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Conjugation of mettre

Common conjugations for the French verb mettre, and their English translations.

mettreto put

Present Indicative
je metsI put
tu metsyou put
il methe puts
elle metshe puts
nous mettonswe put
vous mettezyou (formal) put
ils mettentthey put
elles mettentthey put

Imperfect Indicative
je mettaisI was putting
tu mettaisyou were putting
il mettaithe was putting
elle mettaitshe was putting
nous mettionswe were putting
vous mettiezyou (formal) were putting
ils mettaientthey were putting
elles mettaientthey were putting

Future Indicative
je mettraiI will put
tu mettrasyou will put
il mettrahe will put
elle mettrashe will put
nous mettronswe will put
vous mettrezyou (formal) will put
ils mettrontthey will put
elles mettrontthey will put

je mettraisI would put
tu mettraisyou would put
il mettraithe would put
elle mettraitshe would put
nous mettrionswe would put
vous mettriezyou (formal) would put
ils mettraientthey would put
elles mettraientthey would put

Present Subjunctive
je mette(... that) I put
tu mettes(... that) you put
il mette(... that) he puts
elle mette(... that) she puts
nous mettions(... that) we put
vous mettiez(... that) you (formal) put
ils mettent(... that) they put
elles mettent(... that) they put

mets Put!
mettonsLet's put!
mettez Put! (pl)

Present Participle
mettant putting

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