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Conjugation of lire

Common conjugations for the French verb lire, and their English translations.

lireto read

Present Indicative
je lisI read
tu lisyou read
il lithe reads
elle litshe reads
nous lisonswe read
vous lisezyou (formal) read
ils lisentthey read
elles lisentthey read

Imperfect Indicative
je lisaisI was reading
tu lisaisyou were reading
il lisaithe was reading
elle lisaitshe was reading
nous lisionswe were reading
vous lisiezyou (formal) were reading
ils lisaientthey were reading
elles lisaientthey were reading

Future Indicative
je liraiI will read
tu lirasyou will read
il lirahe will read
elle lirashe will read
nous lironswe will read
vous lirezyou (formal) will read
ils lirontthey will read
elles lirontthey will read

je liraisI would read
tu liraisyou would read
il liraithe would read
elle liraitshe would read
nous lirionswe would read
vous liriezyou (formal) would read
ils liraientthey would read
elles liraientthey would read

Present Subjunctive
je lise(... that) I read
tu lises(... that) you read
il lise(... that) he reads
elle lise(... that) she reads
nous lisions(... that) we read
vous lisiez(... that) you (formal) read
ils lisent(... that) they read
elles lisent(... that) they read

lis Read!
lisonsLet's read!

Present Participle
lisant reading

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