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Conjugation of garder

Common conjugations for the French verb garder, and their English translations.

garderto keep

Present Indicative
je gardeI keep
tu gardesyou keep
il gardehe keeps
elle gardeshe keeps
nous gardonswe keep
vous gardezyou (formal) keep
ils gardentthey keep
elles gardentthey keep

Imperfect Indicative
je gardaisI was keeping
tu gardaisyou were keeping
il gardaithe was keeping
elle gardaitshe was keeping
nous gardionswe were keeping
vous gardiezyou (formal) were keeping
ils gardaientthey were keeping
elles gardaientthey were keeping

Passé Composé
j'ai gardéI have kept
tu as gardéyou have kept
il a gardéhe has kept
elle a gardéshe has kept
nous avons gardéwe have kept
vous avez gardéyou (formal) have kept
ils ont gardéthey have kept
elles ont gardéthey have kept

Future Indicative
je garderaiI will keep
tu garderasyou will keep
il garderahe will keep
elle garderashe will keep
nous garderonswe will keep
vous garderezyou (formal) will keep
ils garderontthey will keep
elles garderontthey will keep

je garderaisI would keep
tu garderaisyou would keep
il garderaithe would keep
elle garderaitshe would keep
nous garderionswe would keep
vous garderiezyou (formal) would keep
ils garderaientthey would keep
elles garderaientthey would keep

Present Subjunctive
je garde(... that) I keep
tu gardes(... that) you keep
il garde(... that) he keeps
elle garde(... that) she keeps
nous gardions(... that) we keep
vous gardiez(... that) you (formal) keep
ils gardent(... that) they keep
elles gardent(... that) they keep

garde Keep!
gardonsLet's keep!
gardez Keep! (pl)

Present Participle
gardant keeping

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