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Conjugation of essayer

Common conjugations for the French verb essayer, and their English translations.

essayerto try

Present Indicative
j'essaieI try
tu essayesyou try
il essaiehe tries
elle essaieshe tries
nous essayonswe try
vous essayezyou (formal) try
ils essayentthey try
elles essayentthey try

Imperfect Indicative
j'essayaisI was trying
tu essayaisyou were trying
il essayaithe was trying
elle essayaitshe was trying
nous essayionswe were trying
vous essayiezyou (formal) were trying
ils essayaientthey were trying
elles essayaientthey were trying

Passé Composé
j'ai essayéI have tried
tu as essayéyou have tried
il a essayéhe has tried
elle a essayéshe has tried
nous avons essayéwe have tried
vous avez essayéyou (formal) have tried
ils ont essayéthey have tried
elles ont essayéthey have tried

Future Indicative
j'essayeraiI will try
tu essayerasyou will try
il essayerahe will try
elle essayerashe will try
nous essayeronswe will try
vous essayerezyou (formal) will try
ils essayerontthey will try
elles essayerontthey will try

j'essayeraisI would try
tu essayeraisyou would try
il essayeraithe would try
elle essayeraitshe would try
nous essayerionswe would try
vous essayeriezyou (formal) would try
ils essayeraientthey would try
elles essayeraientthey would try

Present Subjunctive
j'essaie(... that) I try
tu essayes(... that) you try
il essaie(... that) he tries
elle essaie(... that) she tries
nous essayions(... that) we try
vous essayiez(... that) you (formal) try
ils essayent(... that) they try
elles essayent(... that) they try

essaie Try!
essayonsLet's try!
essayez Try! (pl)

Present Participle
essayant trying

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