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Conjugation of entendre

Common conjugations for the French verb entendre, and their English translations.

entendreto hear

Present Indicative
j'entendsI hear
tu entendsyou hear
il entendhe hears
elle entendshe hears
nous entendonswe hear
vous entendezyou hear
ils entendentthey hear
elles entendentthey hear

Imperfect Indicative
j'entendaisI was hearing
tu entendaisyou were hearing
il entendaithe was hearing
elle entendaitshe was hearing
nous entendionswe were hearing
vous entendiezyou were hearing
ils entendaientthey were hearing
elles entendaientthey were hearing

Past Historic
j'ai entenduI heard
tu as entenduyou heard
il a entenduhe heard
elle a entendushe heard
nous avons entenduwe heard
vous avez entenduyou heard
ils ont entenduthey heard
elles ont entenduthey heard

Future Indicative
j'entendraiI will hear
tu entendrasyou will hear
il entendrahe will hear
elle entendrashe will hear
nous entendronswe will hear
vous entendrezyou will hear
ils entendrontthey will hear
elles entendrontthey will hear

j'entendraisI would hear
tu entendraisyou would hear
il entendraithe would hear
elle entendraitshe would hear
nous entendrionswe would hear
vous entendriezyou would hear
ils entendraientthey would hear
elles entendraientthey would hear

Present Subjunctive
(... que) j'entende(... that) I hear
(... que) tu entendes(... that) you hear
(... que) il entende(... that) he hears
(... que) elle entende(... that) she hears
(... que) nous entendions(... that) we hear
(... que) vous entendiez(... that) you hear
(... que) ils entendent(... that) they hear
(... que) elles entendent(... that) they hear

Imperfect Subjunctive
(... que) j'entendisse(... that) I was hearing
(... que) tu entendisses(... that) you were hearing
(... que) il entendît(... that) he was hearing
(... que) elle entendît(... that) she was hearing
(... que) nous entendissions(... that) we were hearing
(... que) vous entendissiez(... that) you were hearing
(... que) ils entendissent(... that) they were hearing
(... que) elles entendissent(... that) they were hearing

entends Hear!
entendonsLet's hear!
entendez Hear! (pl)

Present Participle
entendant hearing

Past Participle
entendu heard

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