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Conjugation of demander

Common conjugations for the French verb demander, and their English translations.

demanderto ask

Present Indicative
je demandeI ask
tu demandesyou ask
il demandehe asks
elle demandeshe asks
nous demandonswe ask
vous demandezyou (formal) ask
ils demandentthey ask
elles demandentthey ask

Imperfect Indicative
je demandaisI was asking
tu demandaisyou were asking
il demandaithe was asking
elle demandaitshe was asking
nous demandionswe were asking
vous demandiezyou (formal) were asking
ils demandaientthey were asking
elles demandaientthey were asking

Passé Composé
j'ai demandéI have asked
tu as demandéyou have asked
il a demandéhe has asked
elle a demandéshe has asked
nous avons demandéwe have asked
vous avez demandéyou (formal) have asked
ils ont demandéthey have asked
elles ont demandéthey have asked

Future Indicative
je demanderaiI will ask
tu demanderasyou will ask
il demanderahe will ask
elle demanderashe will ask
nous demanderonswe will ask
vous demanderezyou (formal) will ask
ils demanderontthey will ask
elles demanderontthey will ask

je demanderaisI would ask
tu demanderaisyou would ask
il demanderaithe would ask
elle demanderaitshe would ask
nous demanderionswe would ask
vous demanderiezyou (formal) would ask
ils demanderaientthey would ask
elles demanderaientthey would ask

Present Subjunctive
je demande(... that) I ask
tu demandes(... that) you ask
il demande(... that) he asks
elle demande(... that) she asks
nous demandions(... that) we ask
vous demandiez(... that) you (formal) ask
ils demandent(... that) they ask
elles demandent(... that) they ask

demande Ask!
demandonsLet's ask!
demandez Ask! (pl)

Present Participle
demandant asking

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