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Conjugation of croire

Common conjugations for the French verb croire, and their English translations.

croireto believe

Present Indicative
je croisI believe
tu croisyou believe
il croithe believes
elle croitshe believes
nous croyonswe believe
vous croyezyou (formal) believe
ils croientthey believe
elles croientthey believe

Imperfect Indicative
je croyaisI was believing
tu croyaisyou were believing
il croyaithe was believing
elle croyaitshe was believing
nous croyionswe were believing
vous croyiezyou (formal) were believing
ils croyaientthey were believing
elles croyaientthey were believing

Passé Composé
j'ai cruI have believed
tu as cruyou have believed
il a cruhe has believed
elle a crushe has believed
nous avons cruwe have believed
vous avez cruyou (formal) have believed
ils ont cruthey have believed
elles ont cruthey have believed

Future Indicative
je croiraiI will believe
tu croirasyou will believe
il croirahe will believe
elle croirashe will believe
nous croironswe will believe
vous croirezyou (formal) will believe
ils croirontthey will believe
elles croirontthey will believe

je croiraisI would believe
tu croiraisyou would believe
il croiraithe would believe
elle croiraitshe would believe
nous croirionswe would believe
vous croiriezyou (formal) would believe
ils croiraientthey would believe
elles croiraientthey would believe

Present Subjunctive
je croie(... that) I believe
tu croies(... that) you believe
il croie(... that) he believes
elle croie(... that) she believes
nous croyions(... that) we believe
vous croyiez(... that) you (formal) believe
ils croient(... that) they believe
elles croient(... that) they believe

crois Believe!
croyonsLet's believe!
croyez Believe! (pl)

Present Participle
croyant believing

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