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Conjugation of courir

Common conjugations for the French verb courir, and their English translations.

courirto run

Present Indicative
je coursI run
tu coursyou run
il courthe runs
elle courtshe runs
nous couronswe run
vous courezyou run
ils courentthey run
elles courentthey run

Imperfect Indicative
je couraisI was running
tu couraisyou were running
il couraithe was running
elle couraitshe was running
nous courionswe were running
vous couriezyou were running
ils couraientthey were running
elles couraientthey were running

Past Historic
j'ai couruI ran
tu as couruyou ran
il a couruhe ran
elle a courushe ran
nous avons couruwe ran
vous avez couruyou ran
ils ont couruthey ran
elles ont couruthey ran

Future Indicative
je courraiI will run
tu courrasyou will run
il courrahe will run
elle courrashe will run
nous courronswe will run
vous courrezyou will run
ils courrontthey will run
elles courrontthey will run

je courraisI would run
tu courraisyou would run
il courraithe would run
elle courraitshe would run
nous courrionswe would run
vous courriezyou would run
ils courraientthey would run
elles courraientthey would run

Present Subjunctive
(... que) je coure(... that) I run
(... que) tu coures(... that) you run
(... que) il coure(... that) he runs
(... que) elle coure(... that) she runs
(... que) nous courions(... that) we run
(... que) vous couriez(... that) you run
(... que) ils courent(... that) they run
(... que) elles courent(... that) they run

Imperfect Subjunctive
(... que) je courusse(... that) I was running
(... que) tu courusses(... that) you were running
(... que) il courût(... that) he was running
(... que) elle courût(... that) she was running
(... que) nous courussions(... that) we were running
(... que) vous courussiez(... that) you were running
(... que) ils courussent(... that) they were running
(... que) elles courussent(... that) they were running

cours Run!
couronsLet's run!
courez Run! (pl)

Present Participle
courant running

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