Conjugation of comprendre

Common conjugations for the French verb comprendre, and their English translations.

comprendreto understand

Present Indicative
je comprendsI understand
tu comprendsyou understand
il comprendhe understands
elle comprendshe understands
nous comprenonswe understand
vous comprenezyou (formal) understand
ils comprennentthey understand
elles comprennentthey understand

Imperfect Indicative
je comprenaisI was understanding
tu comprenaisyou were understanding
il comprenaithe was understanding
elle comprenaitshe was understanding
nous comprenionswe were understanding
vous compreniezyou (formal) were understanding
ils comprenaientthey were understanding
elles comprenaientthey were understanding

Passé Composé
j'ai comprisI have understood
tu as comprisyou have understood
il a comprishe has understood
elle a comprisshe has understood
nous avons compriswe have understood
vous avez comprisyou (formal) have understood
ils ont compristhey have understood
elles ont compristhey have understood

Future Indicative
je comprendraiI will understand
tu comprendrasyou will understand
il comprendrahe will understand
elle comprendrashe will understand
nous comprendronswe will understand
vous comprendrezyou (formal) will understand
ils comprendrontthey will understand
elles comprendrontthey will understand

je comprendraisI would understand
tu comprendraisyou would understand
il comprendraithe would understand
elle comprendraitshe would understand
nous comprendrionswe would understand
vous comprendriezyou (formal) would understand
ils comprendraientthey would understand
elles comprendraientthey would understand

Present Subjunctive
je comprenne(... that) I understand
tu comprennes(... that) you understand
il comprenne(... that) he understands
elle comprenne(... that) she understands
nous comprenions(... that) we understand
vous compreniez(... that) you (formal) understand
ils comprennent(... that) they understand
elles comprennent(... that) they understand

comprends Understand!
comprenonsLet's understand!
comprenez Understand! (pl)

Present Participle
comprenant understanding

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