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Conjugation of appeler

Common conjugations for the French verb appeler, and their English translations.

appelerto call

Present Indicative
j'appelleI call
tu appellesyou call
il appellehe calls
elle appelleshe calls
nous appelonswe call
vous appelezyou (formal) call
ils appellentthey call
elles appellentthey call

Imperfect Indicative
j'appelaisI was calling
tu appelaisyou were calling
il appelaithe was calling
elle appelaitshe was calling
nous appelionswe were calling
vous appeliezyou (formal) were calling
ils appelaientthey were calling
elles appelaientthey were calling

Passé Composé
j'ai appeléI have called
tu as appeléyou have called
il a appeléhe has called
elle a appeléshe has called
nous avons appeléwe have called
vous avez appeléyou (formal) have called
ils ont appeléthey have called
elles ont appeléthey have called

Future Indicative
j'appelleraiI will call
tu appellerasyou will call
il appellerahe will call
elle appellerashe will call
nous appelleronswe will call
vous appellerezyou (formal) will call
ils appellerontthey will call
elles appellerontthey will call

j'appelleraisI would call
tu appelleraisyou would call
il appelleraithe would call
elle appelleraitshe would call
nous appellerionswe would call
vous appelleriezyou (formal) would call
ils appelleraientthey would call
elles appelleraientthey would call

Present Subjunctive
j'appelle(... that) I call
tu appelles(... that) you call
il appelle(... that) he calls
elle appelle(... that) she calls
nous appelions(... that) we call
vous appeliez(... that) you (formal) call
ils appellent(... that) they call
elles appellent(... that) they call

appelle Call!
appelonsLet's call!
appelez Call! (pl)

Present Participle
appelant calling

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