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Conjugation of aider

Common conjugations for the French verb aider, and their English translations.

aiderto help

Present Indicative
j'aideI help
tu aidesyou help
il aidehe helps
elle aideshe helps
nous aidonswe help
vous aidezyou help
ils aidentthey help
elles aidentthey help

Imperfect Indicative
j'aidaisI was helping
tu aidaisyou were helping
il aidaithe was helping
elle aidaitshe was helping
nous aidionswe were helping
vous aidiezyou were helping
ils aidaientthey were helping
elles aidaientthey were helping

Past Historic
j'ai aidéI helped
tu as aidéyou helped
il a aidéhe helped
elle a aidéshe helped
nous avons aidéwe helped
vous avez aidéyou helped
ils ont aidéthey helped
elles ont aidéthey helped

Future Indicative
j'aideraiI will help
tu aiderasyou will help
il aiderahe will help
elle aiderashe will help
nous aideronswe will help
vous aiderezyou will help
ils aiderontthey will help
elles aiderontthey will help

j'aideraisI would help
tu aideraisyou would help
il aideraithe would help
elle aideraitshe would help
nous aiderionswe would help
vous aideriezyou would help
ils aideraientthey would help
elles aideraientthey would help

Present Subjunctive
(... que) j'aide(... that) I help
(... que) tu aides(... that) you help
(... que) il aide(... that) he helps
(... que) elle aide(... that) she helps
(... que) nous aidions(... that) we help
(... que) vous aidiez(... that) you help
(... que) ils aident(... that) they help
(... que) elles aident(... that) they help

Imperfect Subjunctive
(... que) j'aidasse(... that) I was helping
(... que) tu aidasses(... that) you were helping
(... que) il aidât(... that) he was helping
(... que) elle aidât(... that) she was helping
(... que) nous aidassions(... that) we were helping
(... que) vous aidassiez(... that) you were helping
(... que) ils aidassent(... that) they were helping
(... que) elles aidassent(... that) they were helping

aide Help!
aidonsLet's help!
aidez Help! (pl)

Present Participle
aidant helping

Past Participle
aidé helped

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