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The Finnish word for table is


Translations for table and their definitions

     1. n. A table (piece of furniture)

     1. n. table, matrix, grid (of data)
     2. n. (computing) array (arrangement of memory elements)

     1. n. painting
     2. n. (art) picture, print etc., especially a framed one
     3. n. board, as for example a billboard, switchboard, blackboard or whiteboard
     4. n. dial (face of a clock, analogue meter etc.)
     5. n. (archaic) table (collection of data organized as a set to cover a certain area of interest or point of view; continues to be used in some compound terms.)
           kertomataulu = multiplication table
           sukutaulu = pedigree
     6. n. (databases) table
     7. n. Short for maalitaulu.
     8. n. (colloquial) face (front part of the head)

     1. n. A generally flat cover of a hole or a container such as a jar or a box; a lid or a top
     2. n. cover of a book
     3. n. (nautical) The deck of a ship.

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