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Translations for heart and their definitions

     1. n. heart
     2. n. core
           reaktorisydän, reaktorisydän, nuclear reactor core, reactor core
     3. n. wick (of a candle)

     1. n. (card games) heart (only as a symbol on playing-cards)

     1. n. core, the central part of something
     2. n. core, point, essential content, essence; often with the genitive of asia (matter, topic)
           päästä asian ytimeen = to get to the point
     3. n. (geology) core
           Maapallon ydin jaetaan sisäytimeen ja ulkoytimeen.
             The Earth's core is divided into the inner core and the outer core.
     4. n. (computing) core, an individual computer processor
           Tämä ohjelma käyttää kaikkia ytimiä.
             This application uses all the cores.
     5. n. (computing) kernel
           Linux viittaa Linux-ydintä käyttävien Unixin kaltaisten käyttöjärjestelmien perheeseen.
             Linux refers to the Linux kernel used by the Unix-like family of operating systems.
     6. n. (physics) nucleus
           Atomiydin on atomin keskellä sijaitseva protoneista ja yleensä myös neutroneista koostuva muodostuma.
             The nucleus is the region consisting of protons and usually neutrons at the center of an atom.
     7. n. (anatomy) special uses such as in luuydin, , bone marrow, m, fi, selkäydin, , spinal cord
     8. n. (botany) pith (soft spongy substance in the center of the stems of many plants and trees)
     9. n. As a former part of compound (ydin-) signifies nuclear, core.
           ydinfysiikka = nuclear physics
           ydinperhe = nuclear family

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