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     1. n. house
           Naghahanap sila ngayon ng mapagtatayuan ng magarang bahay. - They are now looking for a place on which to build an elegant house.
     2. n. edifice; building; hall
           Bahay-pamahalaan ng Infanta, Quezon. - Infanta, Quezon administrative building.
     3. n. residence; home; abode; dwelling
     4. n. (cards) card set; meld (in the tong-its game)
     5. n. (board game) smaller holes of a congkak board

     1. n. home; dwelling; abode; residence
     2. n. simultaneous stopping or ceasing
     3. v. to live in; to use as one's home
     4. v. to stop doing, attacking, etc.
     5. v. to become filled or covered with water (as of a low place)

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