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Translations for head and their definitions

     1. n. (anatomy) head (part of the body containing the brain)
     2. n. (figurative) brains; talent; intelligence
     3. n. (figurative) mind; thoughts
     4. n. (figurative) common sense
           Gamitin mo nga ang ulo mo! - Use your common sense, man!
     5. n. chief; boss; head (of an group, office, etc.)
     6. n. head; unit number (used in counting herd)
     7. n. principal part; either of the two ends (of a table)
     8. n. heading; title (of a story, news, etc.)
     9. n. top; summit (of a mountain, etc.)
     10. n. front or principal part or position; head (of a column, squad, etc.)
     11. n. dead or living body (of a wanted criminal)
           Sinumang makahahanap sa ulo ng kriminal ay tatanggap ng ₱2,000. - Whoever finds the criminal's body will receive ₱2,000.
     12. n. bulb; head (of garlic, onion, etc.)
     13. n. part of a plant that resembles a head (of cabbages, and other vegetables and the like)
     14. n. top; tip (of a thing)
     15. n.          head or top used for striking other objects (of a hammer, axe, etc.)
     16. n.          head or top for striking, holding, or pushing (of a pin, nail, etc.)
     17. n.          projecting part of an object (of an arrow, egg, etc.)
     18. n.          head of a boil, abscess, acne, etc. (where pus accumulates)
     19. n. headboard; top side (of a bed)
     20. n. beginning; start
     21. n. topic; subject (of one's speech, etc.)
     22. n. source; origin
           sa ulo ng mga nagbabagang balita - at the source of breaking news
     23. n. (colloquial) cause
     24. n. highest distinction of honor (as in a class)
     25. n. (used with ng to express the superlative degree): most; best; -est
           Siya ang ulo ng yaman sa aming bayan. - He is the richest in our town.
     26. n. (slang) glans penis
     27. n. (board games) main hole of a congkak board
     28. adj. with heads together while lying down

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