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2An excited activity; a stir.
(computing) A cover to protect and hide the back panel of a computer or other office machine.
7(transitive) To stop, deflect or divert (something in progress or motion).
(transitive, sports) To gain possession of (the ball) in a ball game
9Lack of quiet; absence of tranquility in body or mind
(transitive, intransitive) To make (someone or something) worried or anxious.
10plural of alert
third-person singular present indicative of alert
11(intransitive, US) To ask (about something).
(intransitive) To make an inquiry or an investigation.
12The act of obstructing, or state of being obstructed.
Something which obstructs or impedes, either intentionally or unintentionally
1A new member of an organization.
One who has been through a ceremony of initiation.
2The state or period of being a boy.
3(intransitive) To explode; to blow up. Specifically, to combust supersonically via shock compression.
(transitive) To cause to explode.
4plural of scribble
third-person singular present indicative of scribble
5To connect again or differently.
         (intransitive) To meet up again (with someone), after a long time apart and/or without communication; to reunite.
6plural of pope
plural of Pope
8Relatively short or low, and thick or broad.
Sitting on the hams or heels; sitting close to the ground; cowering; crouching.
10(informal) friend
(informal, mainly, California) Mexican

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