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     1. art. Form of a used before a vowel sound
     2. art. (now quite rare) Form of a used before 'h' in an unstressed syllable
     3. art. (nonstandard) Form of a used before 'h' in a stressed syllable
           An it harm none, do what ye will.
     4. n. The first letter of the Georgian alphabet, ა (Mkhedruli), Ⴀ (Asomtavruli) or ⴀ (Nuskhuri).
     5. prep. In each; to or for each; per.
           I was only going twenty miles an hour.
asking for an apron
to an impressive suite
     1. adj. Unwilling or unable to cooperate and associate normally with other people
     2. adj. Antagonistic, hostile, or unfriendly toward others; menacing
     3. adj. Opposed to social order or the principles of society; hostile toward society
     4. n. An antisocial individual.
     1. n. A person considered alone, rather than as belonging to a group of people.
           He is an unusual individual.
     2. n. (legal) A single physical human being as a legal subject, as opposed to a legal person such as a corporation.
     3. n. An object, be it a thing or an agent, as contrasted to a class.
     4. n. (statistics) An element belonging to a population.
     5. adj. Relating to a single person or thing as opposed to more than one.
           As we can't print them all together, the individual pages will have to be printed one by one.
     6. adj. Intended for a single person as opposed to more than one person.
           individual personal pension; individual cream cakes
     7. adj. Not divisible without losing its identity.
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