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     1. n. The name of the Latin script letter A/a.
     2. art. One; any indefinite example of; used to denote a singular item of a group.
           There was a man here looking for you yesterday.
     3. art. Used in conjunction with the adjectives score, dozen, hundred, thousand, and million, as a function word.
           I've seen it happen a hundred times.
     4. art. One certain or particular; any single.
           We've received an interesting letter from a Mrs. Miggins of London.
     5. art. The same; one.
           We are of a mind on matters of morals.
     6. art. Any, every; used before a noun which has become modified to limit its scope;
           A man who dies intestate leaves his children troubles and difficulties.
           He fell all that way, and hasn't a bump on his head?
     7. art. Used before plural nouns modified by few, good many, couple, great many, etc.
     8. art. Someone or something like; similar to; Used before a proper noun to create an example out of it.
           The center of the village was becoming a Times Square.
           Stand a tiptoe.
     9. prep. To do with separation; In, into.
           Torn a pieces.
     10. prep. To do with time; Each, per, in, on, by.
           I brush my teeth twice a day.
     11. prep. (obsolete) To do with method; In, with.
     12. prep. (obsolete) To do with role or capacity; In.
           A God’s name.
     13. prep. To do with status; In.
           King James Bible (II Chronicles 2:18)
             To set the people a worke.
           1964, Bob Dylan, The Times They Are a-Changin’
             The times, they are a-changin'.
           1611, King James Bible, Hebrews 11-21
             Jacob, when he was a dying
     14. v. (archaic, or slang) Have.
           I'd a come, if you'd a asked.
     15. pron. (obsolete, outside, England, and Scotland dialects) He.
     16. interj. A meaningless syllable; ah.
     17. prep. (archaic, slang) Of.
           The name of John a Gaunt.
     18. adv. (chiefly Scotland) All.
     19. adj. (chiefly Scotland) All.
he was to a dot
that was a crime!
     1. n. A confusion; a jumble.
     2. v. To act in an inept, clumsy or inexpert manner; to make mistakes.
           Spiders build webs and wait for insects to bumble into them.
     3. v. (intransitive) To boom, as a bittern; to buzz, as a fly.
     4. n. A bumble-bee.
     5. n. (dialect) The bittern.
     1. n. (soccer) someone connected with Barnet Football Club, as a fan, player, coach etc.
     2. n. A flying insect, of the clade Anthophila within the hymenopteran superfamily Apoidea, known for its organised societies (though only a minority have them), for collecting pollen and (in some species)
     3. n. A contest, especially for spelling; see spelling bee.
           geography bee
     4. n. A gathering for a specific purpose, e.g. a sewing bee or a quilting bee.
     5. n. (obsolete) A ring or torque; a bracelet.
     6. v. (obsolete) past of be; been
           Cride out, Now now Sir knight, shew what ye bee
     7. n. (nautical, usually plural) Any of the pieces of hard wood bolted to the sides of the bowsprit, to reeve the fore-topmast stays through.
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