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     1. n. The construction of ships.
     2. n. A construction of a ship.
     1. art. One; any indefinite example of; used to denote a singular item of a group.
           There was a man here looking for you yesterday.
     2. art. Used in conjunction with the adjectives score, dozen, hundred, thousand, and million, as a function word.
           I've seen it happen a hundred times.
     3. art. One certain or particular; any single.Brown, Lesley, (2003)
           We've received an interesting letter from a Mrs. Miggins of London.
     4. art. The same; one.
           We are of a mind on matters of morals.
     5. art. Any, every; used before a noun which has become modified to limit its scope; also used with a negative to indicate not a single one.Lindberg, Christine A. (2007)
           A man who dies intestate leaves his children troubles and difficulties.
           He fell all that way, and hasn't a bump on his head?
     6. art. Used before plural nouns modified by few, good many, couple, great many, etc.
     7. art. Someone or something like; similar to; Used before a proper noun to create an example out of it.
           The center of the village was becoming a Times Square.
     8. prep. (archaic) To do with position or direction; In, on, at, by, towards, onto.
           Stand a tiptoe.
     9. prep. To do with separation; In, into.
           Torn a pieces.
     10. prep. To do with time; Each, per, in, on, by.
           I brush my teeth twice a day.
     11. prep. (obsolete) To do with method; In, with.
     12. prep. (obsolete) To do with role or capacity; In.
           A God’s name.
     13. prep. To do with status; In.
           King James Bible (II Chronicles 2:18)
             To set the people a worke.
     14. prep. (archaic) To do with process, with a passive verb; In the course of, experiencing.
           1964, Bob Dylan, The Times They Are a-Changin’
             The times, they are a-changin'.
     15. prep. (archaic) To do with an action, an active verb; Engaged in.
           1611, King James Bible, Hebrews 11-21
             Jacob, when he was a dying
     16. prep. (archaic) To do with an action/movement; To, into.
     17. v. (archaic, or slang) Have.
           I'd a come, if you'd a asked.
     18. pron. (obsolete, outside, England, and Scotland dialects) He.
     19. interj. A meaningless syllable; ah.
     20. prep. (archaic, slang) Of.
           The name of John a Gaunt.
     21. adv. (chiefly Scotland) All.
     22. adj. (chiefly Scotland) All.
a conceited
in a steady
     1. n. (physical) A solid object in the shape of a circle.
     2. n.          A circumscribing object, (roughly) circular and hollow, looking like an annual ring, earring, finger ring etc.
     3. n.          A round piece of (precious) metal worn around the finger or through the ear, nose, etc.
     4. n.          (British) A bird band, a round piece of metal put around a bird's leg used for identification and studies of migration.
     5. n.          (UK) A burner on a kitchen stove.
     6. n.          In a jack plug, the connector between the tip and the sleeve.
     7. n.          An instrument, formerly used for taking the sun's altitude, consisting of a brass ring suspended by a swivel, with a hole at one side through which a s
     8. n.          (botany) A flexible band partly or wholly encircling the spore cases of ferns.
     9. n. (physical) A group of objects arranged in a circle.
     10. n.          A circular group of people or objects.
                   a ring of mushrooms growing in the wood
     11. n.          (astronomy) A formation of various pieces of material orbiting around a planet.
     12. n.          (British) A large circular prehistoric stone construction such as Stonehenge.
     13. n. A piece of food in the shape of a ring.
           onion rings
     14. n. A place where some sports or exhibitions take place; notably a circular or comparable arena, such as a boxing ring or a circus ring; hence the field of a political contest.
     15. n. An exclusive group of people, usually involving some unethical or illegal practices.
           a crime ring; a prostitution ring; a bidding ring (at an auction sale)
     16. n. (chemistry) A group of atoms linked by bonds to form a closed chain in a molecule.
           a benzene ring
     17. n. (geometry) A planar geometrical figure included between two concentric circles.
     18. n. (typography) A diacritical mark in the shape of a hollow circle placed above or under the letter; a kroužek.
     19. n. (historical) An old English measure of corn equal to the coomb or half a quarter.
     20. n. (computing theory) A hierarchical level of privilege in a computer system, usually at hardware level, used to protect data and functionality (also protection ring).
     21. n. (firearms) Either of the pair of clamps used to hold a telescopic sight to a rifle.
     22. n. (cartomancy) The twenty-fifth Lenormand card.
     23. v. To surround or enclose.
           The inner city was ringed with dingy industrial areas.
     24. v. (transitive, figuratively) To make an incision around; to girdle.
           They ringed the trees to make the clearing easier next year.
     25. v. To attach a ring to, especially for identification.
           We managed to ring 22 birds this morning.
     26. v. To surround or fit with a ring, or as if with a ring.
           to ring a pig's snout
     27. v. (falconry) To rise in the air spirally.
     28. n. The resonant sound of a bell, or a sound resembling it.
           The church bell's ring could be heard the length of the valley.
           The ring of hammer on anvil filled the air.
     29. n. (figuratively) A pleasant or correct sound.
           The name has a nice ring to it.
     30. n. (figuratively) A sound or appearance that is characteristic of something.
           Her statements in court had a ring of falsehood.
     31. n. (colloquial) A telephone call.
           I’ll give you a ring when the plane lands.
     32. n. Any loud sound; the sound of numerous voices; a sound continued, repeated, or reverberated.
     33. n. A chime, or set of bells harmonically tuned.
           St Mary's has a ring of eight bells.
     34. v. (intransitive) Of a bell, etc., to produce a resonant sound.
           The bells were ringing in the town.
     35. v. To make (a bell, etc.) produce a resonant sound.
           The deliveryman rang the doorbell to drop off a parcel.
     36. v. (intransitive, figuratively) To produce the sound of a bell or a similar sound.
           Whose mobile phone is ringing?
     37. v. (intransitive, figuratively) Of something spoken or written, to appear to be, to seem, to sound.
           That does not ring true.
     38. v. (transitive, colloquial, British, New Zealand) To telephone (someone).
           I will ring you when we arrive.
     39. v. (intransitive) to resound, reverberate, echo.
     40. v. (intransitive) To produce music with bells.
     41. v. (dated) To repeat often, loudly, or earnestly.
     42. n. (algebra) An algebraic structure which consists of a set with two binary operations: an additive operation and a multiplicative operation, such that the set is an abelian group under the additive oper
           The set of integers,\mathbbZ, is the prototypical ring.
     43. n. (algebra) An algebraic structure as above, but only required to be a semigroup under the multiplicative operation, that is, there need not be a multiplicative identity element.
           The definition of ring without unity allows, for instance, the set2\mathbbZ of even integers to be a ring.
     1. conj. (dated) Because.
     2. prep. Towards.
           The astronauts headed for the moon.
     3. prep. Directed at, intended to belong to.
           I have something for you.
     4. prep. In honor of, or directed towards the celebration or event of.
           We're having a birthday party for Janet.
           The cake is for Tom and Helen's anniversary.
           The mayor gave a speech for the charity gala.
     5. prep. Supporting.
           All those for the motion raise your hands.
     6. prep. Because of.
           He wouldn't apologize; and just for that, she refused to help him.
           (UK usage) He looks better for having lost weight.
           She was the worse for drink.
     7. prep. Over a period of time.
           I've lived here for three years.
           They fought for days over a silly pencil.
     8. prep. Throughout an extent of space.
     9. prep. On behalf of.
           I will stand in for him.
     10. prep. Instead of, or in place of.
     11. prep. In order to obtain or acquire.
           I am aiming for completion by the end of business Thursday.
           He's going for his doctorate.
           Do you want to go for coffee?
           People all over Greece looked to Delphi for answers.
           Can you go to the store for some eggs?
           I'm saving up for a car.
           Don't wait for an answer.
           What did he ask you for?
     12. prep. In the direction of: marks a point one is going toward.
           Run for the hills!
           He was headed for the door when he remembered.
     13. prep. By the standards of, usually with the implication of those standards being lower than one might otherwise expect.
           Fair for its day.
           She's spry for an old lady.
     14. prep. Despite, in spite of.
     15. prep. Used to indicate the subject of a to-infinitive.
           For that to happen now is incredibly unlikely. (=It is incredibly unlikely that that will happen now.)
           All I want is for you to be happy. (=All I want is that you be happy.)
     16. prep. (chiefly US) Out of; used to indicate a fraction, a ratio
           In term of base hits, Jones was three for four on the day
     17. prep. (cricket) Used as part of a score to indicate the number of wickets that have fallen.
           At close of play, England were 305 for 3.
     18. prep. To be, or as being.
     19. prep. (obsolete) (Indicating that in prevention of which, or through fear of which, anything is done.)
     20. prep. Used to construe various verbs (see the entries for individual phrasal verbs).
she reached for it
it looks bad for her
     1. v. present participle of gauge
     2. n. Measurement or estimation, with or as if with a gauge.
           periodic gaugings of the water level
     3. n. The addition of various materials to lime mortar.
     4. n. (sewing) A shirring.
          1. n. A measure; a standard of measure; an instrument to determine dimensions, distance, or capacity; a standard
          2. n. An act of measuring.
          3. n. Any instrument for ascertaining or regulating the level, state, dimensions or forms of things
          4. n. A thickness of sheet metal or wire designated by any of several numbering schemes.
          5. n. (rail transport) The distance between the rails of a railway.
          6. n. (mathematics, analysis) A semi-norm; a function that assigns a non-negative size to all vectors in a vector space.
          7. n. (knitting) The number of stitches per inch, centimetre, or other unit of distance.
          8. n. (nautical) Relative positions of two or more vessels with reference to the wind.
                A vessel has the weather gauge of another when on the windward side of it, and the lee gauge when on the lee side of it.
          9. n. (nautical) The depth to which a vessel sinks in the water.
          10. n. (plastering) The quantity of plaster of Paris used with common plaster to make it set more quickly.
          11. n. That part of a shingle, slate, or tile, which is exposed to the weather, when laid; also, one course of such shingles, slates, or tiles.
          12. n. (firearms) A unit of measurement which describes how many spheres of bore diameter of a shotgun can be had from one pound of lead; 12 gauge is roughly equivalent to .75 caliber.
          13. n. (US, slang) A shotgun (synecdoche for 12 gauge shotgun, the most common chambering for combat and hunting shotguns).
          14. n. A tunnel-like ear piercing consisting of a hollow ring embedded in the lobe.
          15. v. To measure or determine with a gauge; to measure the capacity of.
          16. v. To estimate.
          17. v. To appraise the character or ability of; to judge of.
          18. v. (textile, transitive) To draw into equidistant gathers by running a thread through it.
          19. v. To mix (a quantity of ordinary plaster) with a quantity of plaster of Paris.
          20. v. To chip, hew or polish (stones, bricks, etc) to a standard size and/or shape.
     1. adj. Made of wood.
           a wooden boat
           On a recent windy day, hundreds of visitors climbed wooden stairs to take pictures in front of the glacier.
             (audio On a recent windy day, hundreds of visitors climbed wooden stairs to take pictures in front of the glacier.ogg Audio (US))
     2. adj. (figuratively) As if made of wood; moving awkwardly, or speaking with dull lack of emotion.
           wooden acting
the cover was off the wooden bucket
     1. n. plural of pin
     2. v. third-person singular present indicative of pin
          1. n. A sewing pin or ballhead pin: a needle without an eye (usually) made of drawn-out steel wire with one end sharpened and the other flattened or rounded into a head, used for fastening.
          2. n. A small nail with a head and a sharp point.
          3. n. A cylinder often of wood or metal used to fasten or as a bearing between two parts.
                Pull the pin out of the grenade before throwing it at the enemy.
          4. n. (wrestling) The victory condition of holding the opponent's shoulders on the wrestling mat for a prescribed period of time.
          5. n. A slender object specially designed for use in a specific game or sport, such as skittles or bowling.
          6. n. (in plural pins; informal) A leg.
                I'm not so good on my pins these days.
          7. n. (electricity) Any of the individual connecting elements of a multipole electrical connector.
                The UK standard connector for domestic mains electricity has three pins.
          8. n. A piece of jewellery that is attached to clothing with a pin.
          9. n. (US) A simple accessory that can be attached to clothing with a pin or fastener, often round and bearing a design, logo or message, and used for decoration, identification or to show political affilia
          10. n. (chess) A scenario in which moving a lesser piece to escape from attack would expose a more valuable piece to attack.
          11. n. (golf) The flagstick: the flag-bearing pole which marks the location of a hole
          12. n. (curling) The spot at the exact centre of the house (the target area)
                The shot landed right on the pin.
          13. n. (dated) A mood, a state of being.
          14. n. One of a row of pegs in the side of an ancient drinking cup to mark how much each person should drink.
          15. n. (medicine, obsolete) caligo
          16. n. A thing of small value; a trifle.
          17. n. A peg in musical instruments for increasing or relaxing the tension of the strings.
          18. n. (engineering) A short shaft, sometimes forming a bolt, a part of which serves as a journal.
          19. n. The tenon of a dovetail joint.
          20. n. (brewing) A size of brewery cask, equal to half a firkin, or eighth of a barrel.
          21. n. (informal) A pinball machine.
                I spent most of my time in the arcade playing pins.
          22. v. (often followed by a preposition such as "to" or "on") To fasten or attach (something) with a pin.
          23. v. (chess usually in the passive) To cause (a piece) to be in a pin.
          24. v. (wrestling) To pin down (someone).
          25. v. To enclose; to confine; to pen; to pound.
          26. v. (computing, GUI, transitive) To attach (an icon, application, etc.) to another item.
                to pin a window to the Taskbar
          27. v. (computing, transitive) To fix (an array in memory, a security certificate, etc.) so that it cannot be modified.
                When marshaling data, the interop marshaler can copy or pin the data being marshaled.
          28. v. alternative form of peen
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