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     1. n. The art or science of cultivating the ground, including the harvesting of crops, and the rearing and management of livestock
     1. part. A particle used for marking the following verb as an infinitive.
           I want to leave.
           He asked me what to do.
           I don’t know how to say it.
           I have places to go and people to see.
     2. part. As above, with the verb implied.
           "Did you visit the museum?" "I wanted to, but it was closed.".
           If he hasn't read it yet, he ought to.
     3. part. A particle used to create phrasal verbs.
           I have to do laundry today.
     4. prep. Indicating destination: In the direction of, and arriving at.
           We are walking to the shop.
     5. prep. Used to indicate purpose.
           He devoted himself to education.
           They drank to his health.
     6. prep. Used to indicate result of action.
           His face was beaten to a pulp.
     7. prep. Used after an adjective to indicate its application.
           similar to ..., relevant to ..., pertinent to ..., I was nice to him, he was cruel to her, I am used to walking.
     8. prep. (obsolete,) As a.
           With God to friend (with God as a friend);   with The Devil to fiend (with the Devil as a foe);   lambs slaughtered to lake (lambs slaughtered as a sacrifice);   t
     9. prep. (arithmetic) Used to indicate a ratio or comparison.
           one to one = 1:1
           ten to one = 10:1.
           I have ten dollars to your four.
     10. prep. (arithmetic) Used to indicate that the preceding term is to be raised to the power of the following value; indicates exponentiation.
           Three squared or three to the second power is nine.
           Three to the power of two is nine.
           Three to the second is nine.
     11. prep. Used to indicate the indirect object.
           I gave the book to him.
     12. prep. (time) Preceding.
           ten to ten = 9:50; We're going to leave at ten to (the hour).
     13. prep. Used to describe what something consists of or contains.
           Anyone could do this job; there's nothing to it.
           There's a lot of sense to what he says.
     14. prep. (Canada, UK, Newfoundland, West Midlands) At.
           Stay where you're to and I'll come find you, b'y.
     15. adv. Toward a closed, touching or engaging position.
           Please push the door to.
     16. adv. (nautical) Into the wind.
     17. adv. misspelling of too
I had to accept
not to know him
     1. v. to make a non-linear physical movement.:
     2. v.          (intransitive) Of a body, person, etc, to move around an axis through itself.
                   the Earth turns;  turn on the spot
     3. v.          To change the direction or orientation of, especially by rotation.
                   Turn the knob clockwise.
     4. v.          (intransitive) to change one's direction of travel.
                   She turned right at the corner.
     5. v.          (intransitive, figuratively) to change the course of.
     6. v.          To shape (something) symmetrically by rotating it against a stationary cutting tool, as on a lathe.
                   She turned the table legs with care and precision.
     7. v.          (by extension) To give form to; to shape or mould; to adapt.
     8. v.          To position (something) by folding it, or using its folds.
                   turn the bed covers;  turn the pages
     9. v.          (transitive, figuratively) To navigate through a book or other printed material.
                   turn to page twenty;  turn through the book
     10. v.          (transitive, cricket) Of a bowler, to make (the ball) move sideways off the pitch when it bounces.
     11. v.          (intransitive, cricket) Of a ball, to move sideways off the pitch when it bounces.
     12. v. (heading, intransitive) To change condition or attitude.
     13. v.          (copulative) To become (begin to be).
                   The leaves turn brown in autumn.   When I asked him for the money, he turned nasty.
     14. v.          To change the color of the leaves in the autumn.
                   The hillside behind our house isn't generally much to look at, but once all the trees turn it's gorgeous.
     15. v.          To change fundamentally; to metamorphose.
                   Midas made everything turn to gold.  He turned into a monster every full moon.
     16. v.         # (intransitive) To sour or spoil; to go bad.
              #     This milk has turned; it smells awful.
     17. v.         # To make acid or sour; to ferment; to curdle.
              #     to turn cider or wine
     18. v.          To reach a certain age.
                   Charlie turns six on September 29.
     19. v.          To hinge; to depend.
                   The decision turns on a single fact.
     20. v.          To rebel; to go against something formerly tolerated.
                   The prisoners turned on the warden.
     21. v.          To change personal condition.
     22. v.         # (professional wrestling) To change personalities, such as from being a face (good guy) to heel (bad guy) or vice versa.
     23. v.         # To become giddy; said of the head or brain.
     24. v.         # To sicken; to nauseate.
              #     The sight turned my stomach.
     25. v.         # To be nauseated; said of the stomach.
     26. v.         #:  
     27. v. (obsolete, reflexive) To change one's course of action; to take a new approach.
     28. v. (transitive, usually with over) To complete.
           They say they can turn the parts in two days.
     29. v. (transitive, soccer) Of a player, to go past an opposition player with the ball in one's control.
     30. v. To undergo the process of turning on a lathe.
           Ivory turns well.
     31. v. (obstetrics) To bring down the feet of a child in the womb, in order to facilitate delivery.
     32. v. (printing, dated) To invert a type of the same thickness, as a temporary substitute for any sort which is exhausted.
     33. v. (archaic) To translate.
           to turn the Iliad
     34. v. (transitive, role-playing games) To magically or divinely attack undead.
     35. n. A change of direction or orientation.
           Give the handle a turn, then pull it.
     36. n. A movement of an object about its own axis in one direction that continues until the object returns to its initial orientation.
     37. n.          (geometry) A unit of plane angle measurement based on this movement.
     38. n. A single loop of a coil.
     39. n. A chance to use (something) shared in sequence with others.
           They took turns playing with the new toy.
     40. n. The time allotted to a person in a rota or schedule.
           I cooked tonight, so it's your turn to do the dishes.
     41. n. One's chance to make a move in a game having two or more players.
     42. n. A figure in music, often denoted ~, consisting of the note above the one indicated, the note itself, the note below the one indicated, and the note itself again.
     43. n. (also turnaround) The time required to complete a project.
           They quote a three-day turn on parts like those.
     44. n. A fit or a period of giddiness.
           I've had a funny turn.
     45. n. A change in temperament or circumstance.
           She took a turn for the worse.
     46. n. (cricket) A sideways movement of the ball when it bounces (caused by rotation in flight).
     47. n. (poker) The fourth communal card in Texas hold 'em.
     48. n. (poker, obsolete) The flop (the first three community cards) in Texas hold 'em.
     49. n. A deed done to another.
           One good turn deserves another.
           I felt that the man was of a vindictive nature, and would do me an evil turn if he found the opportunitynb....
     50. n. (rope) A pass behind or through an object.
     51. n. Character; personality; nature.
     52. n. (soccer) An instance of going past an opposition player with the ball in one's control.
     53. n. (circus, theatre, especially, physical comedy) A short skit, act, or routine.
her eyes made her turn back
and had in turn killed the dog
     1. prep. Going inside (of).
           Mary danced into the house.
     2. prep. Going to a geographic region.
           We left the house and walked into the street.
           The plane flew into the open air.
     3. prep. Against, especially with force or violence.
           The car crashed into the tree;  I wasn't careful, and walked into a wall
     4. prep. Producing, becoming; (indicates transition into another form or substance).
           I carved the piece of driftwood into a sculpture of a whale.   Right before our eyes, Jake turned into a wolf!
     5. prep. After the start of.
           About 20 minutes into the flight, the pilot reported a fire on board.
     6. prep. (colloquial) Interested in or attracted to.
           She's really into Shakespeare right now;  I'm so into you!
     7. prep. (mathematics) Taking distinct arguments to distinct values.
           The exponential function maps the set of real numbers into itself.
     8. prep. (UK, archaic, India, mathematics) Expressing the operation of multiplication.(R:OED Online)
           Five into three is fifteen.
     9. prep. (mathematics) Expressing the operation of division, with the denominator given first. Usually with "goes".
           Three into two won't go.
           24 goes into 48 how many times?
     10. prep. Investigating the subject (of).
           Call for research into pesticides blamed for vanishing bees.
she sank into her chair
into that of the possible
     1. n. (agriculture, horticulture) Any material used to cover the top layer of soil to protect, insulate, or decorate it, or to discourage weeds or retain moisture.
           An organic mulch is a mulch made of natural substances such as leaves or grass clippings.
     2. n. (agriculture) A material used as mulch, as a decorative redwood bark mulch.
     3. v. (agriculture) To apply mulch.
           Mulch your vegetable garden to retain moisture and keep weeds down.
     4. v. (agriculture) To turn into mulch.
           I decided to mulch the grass clippings.
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