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     1. adj. (music) Pertaining to the highest singing voice or part in harmonized music; soprano.
     2. adj. High in pitch; shrill.
     3. adj. (rare) Threefold, triple.
     4. adv. Trebly; triply.
     5. n. (music) The highest singing voice (especially as for a boy) or part in musical composition.
     6. n. (music) A person or instrument having a treble voice or pitch; a boy soprano.
     7. n. The highest tuned in a ring of bells.
     8. n. Any high-pitched or shrill voice or sound.
     9. n. A threefold quantity or number; something having three parts or having been tripled.
     10. n. A drink with three portions of alcohol.
     11. n. (darts) Any of the narrow areas enclosed by the two central circles on a dartboard, worth three times the usual value of the segment.
     12. n. (sports) Three goals, victories, awards etc. in a given match or season.
     13. v. To multiply by three; to make into three parts, layers, or thrice the amount.
     14. v. (intransitive) To become multiplied by three or increased threefold.
     15. v. (intransitive) To make a shrill or high-pitched noise.
     16. v. To utter in a treble key; to whine.

Example Sentences

There were six stones in all, and the salesman promised they would double or treble in value. 

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