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     1. v. To cut with short sharp actions, as with scissors.
           I don't want you to take much hair off; just snip my mullet off.
     2. v. To reduce the price of a product, to create a snip.
     3. v. To break off; to snatch away.
     4. v. (informal) To circumcise.
     5. v. (lbl, en, internet) To remove the irrelevant parts of quotations in the reply message.
     6. n. The act of snipping; cutting a small amount off of something.
     7. n. A single cut with scissors, clippers, or similar tool.
     8. n. Something acquired for a low price; a bargain.
           That wholesale lot on eBay was a snip at $10
     9. n. A small amount of something; a pinch.
     10. n. (definite, the snip, euphemistic) A vasectomy.
     11. n. A small or weak person, especially a young one.
     12. n. (dated) An impertinent or mischievous person.
     13. n. (obsolete) A share or portion; a snack.
     14. n. (obsolete, slang) A tailor.

Example Sentences

All I did was say snip

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