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     1. v. To administer the vows of a religious order to (someone); to admit to a religious order. (Chiefly in passive.)
     2. v. (reflexive) To declare oneself (to be something).
     3. v. To declare; to assert, affirm.
     4. v. To make a claim (to be something), to lay claim to (a given quality, feeling etc.), often with connotations of insincerity.
     5. v. To declare one's adherence to (a religion, deity, principle etc.).
     6. v. To work as a professor of; to teach.
     7. v. (transitive, now rare) To claim to have knowledge or understanding of (a given area of interest, subject matter).

Example Sentences

They all profess to enjoy their work and feel fulfilled by it. 
Like a profess ional. 

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